It is said that among Hesperians, Emiolis has the best eyesight of them all, even surpassing that of Oculus. Such a rumor is conjectural at best, but there is no denying that this yellow Hesperian is superb at spotting things from far away. Now, if only the same could be said for his focus on his IE Energy-gathering duties...


Emiolis is a member of the Sassa Club, a club of nine special Sassafras modified by Lord Sassafras to be "messengers" for him. Emiolis will replace a Sassafras spawn somewhere in The Realm as part of a 7-day rotation, and will always spawn with a Sassafras himself. He will spawn with the other seven active members of the Sassa Club every four cycles. Emiolis detects players before they can even see him, but he has a problem with focusing on ANYTHING at all - his ADHD-like condition hampers any sort of ability to efficiently gather IE Energy.


Emiolis has a fair bit of HP at 31,000. Upon spawning, he will always spawn with 1 Tier 4 Waller Legionnaire and 2 Tier 3 Waller Legionnaires (in place of the usual troupe of 30-40 Tier 1, 2, and 3 Legionnaires) and a common Sassafras. Together, this quintet of Hesperians builds a mini-fortress of traps that spreads around a dense area. The traps created by only these four Hesperians (excluding the normal Sassafras) do not disappear and will remain until destroyed. Nearby Hesperians within 500 tiles will migrate to the fortress as a refuge at double their normal movement speed if they are below 3/4th health. Emiolis will not attack unless provoked, unlike other members of the Sassa Club. However, his Legionnaires will actively protect him and engage players that attack them, Emiolis, or any other Hesperians.

Emiolis has a hard time focusing on players, so he will always change targets between attacks instead of attacking the closest player to him or the one who is dealing the most overall damage to him, unlike other bosses.

The Fight

Emiolis has only one phase, but the power of his defenders and his constant spawning of traps makes it an annoying fight. Traps that Emiolis lays through his attacks will disappear after about 15 seconds, unlike his pre-laid defensive traps.

  • Reinforcements: Used every time one of his three Legionnaires is defeated. Emiolis will summon a portal near him and a Legionnaire of the type that was defeated will appear and take the place of its fallen comrade. This persists until Emiolis is defeated, so it is necessary to have someone distract the Waller Legionnaires while other players work on Emiolis.
  • Trapling Gun: Emiolis fires a rapid burst of 30-50 traps from one of his barrels at players. The traps have a higher launch speed than normal to gain some offensive distance.
  • Minion Master: Emiolis spawns 8 Sassafras Minions that are colored the same yellow as he is. The Minions behave as normal and are no different than Sassafras Minions spawned by normal Sassafras, chasing down players in small groups while firing their barrels.
  • Auric Encirclement: Emiolis blasts a golden laser from his eye that sweeps in a circle around a player, releasing a ring of small traps that encircles and, well, traps the targeted player.
  • Giga Blast: Emiolis charges up his barrels and fires off two gigantic traps that are launched outward at high speed, spinning rapidly. Once they come to a stop, they disappear after 5 seconds.
  • Harrowing Bolt: Emiolis rapidly targets up to 6 players, and uses Trapling Gun with 30% less spread on 2 targets at a time. He follows up with a series of IE Energy lasers from his spawner that deal medium damage and inflict Spiced and Dazed for 3 seconds on hit.
  • Compulsive Trapping: Emiolis teleports behind a player and smacks them with a large trap, dealing high damage and inflicting Confused and Stunned for 8 seconds.
  • Spike Smash: Emiolis shoulders and shoves himself into a player at close range with the spikes on his turret bases, dealing high damage and inflicting Bleeding for 7 seconds.
  • Fractured Mine: Emiolis fires out a barrage of 12-20 invisible Thorn Mines that explode if touched, dealing medium-low damage.
  • Trap Smash: Emiolis releases 3 Sassafras Minions from his spawner. They group up, pick up a large trap that Emiolis creates, and toss it at at the largest group of players. Upon impact, the large trap explodes into 10-15 smaller traps that scatter everywhere to deal low damage. The Minions resume normal behavior afterwards.
  • Spicey Sassafras: Emiolis spawns a Sassafras Minion that is all sorts of flashing rainbow colors. The Minion runs around uncontrollably at 4x its normal movement speed, smashing into stuff at random until destroyed. Can be a nuisance to deal with but is not really that lethal, as the Minion's body damage is halved.

Death Animation

Once Emiolis reaches 0 HP, his eye's pupil expands to almost the size of its socket. He looks around frantically with this big eye before making an "uh-oh" expression with it as white cracks begin to form on his body. Emiolis explodes brilliantly into a pile of traps and IE Energy that flies into a nearby Hesperian portal. All remaining Legionnaires will continue fighting until defeated.


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