Endless Defense is a gamemode where players are all on the same team and have to last as long as they can against waves of enemies, Crashers, and bosses from different AUs, including the The Tale of Diep, and the Extended Tale of Diep.


This gamemode is unlocked at the very end of the The Extended Tale of Diep expansion, and requires you to have beaten the Avatar of Panzer at least once. Once a team has done so, it is unlocked forever for them. All players are on the Blue team, and there is no win condition. The only objective is to survive for as long as you can, and there is no limit on players in one server, with three lives per player. New players can join at any time, so this gamemode is constantly ongoing. If all players die or leave somehow, the arena is closed.

All players start at level 45, since this gamemode gets crazy quite quickly after wave 5. Prophets and Cult Guards are banned, since this doesn't have anything to do with the Cult of Panzer other than the bosses. The arena is 5x the size of a normal map, and enemies come in a hole through the top out of a giant Fortress on the top of the map. They then do what they do against players. Simple prospect, tons of players. Tons. Knowing people, they want space, so they'll move around and not get bunched up. Imagine packs of 20-50 players chasing down 6-12 Heptazoids... times twenty. That's how crazy this gamemode gets later on. For bosses with special arenas, they appear in the center of the map (if there are multiple, there is only one arena. In the case of the Final Sons, their Mega Fortresses appear on the bottom of the map instead of the top and the boss room will grow to accommodate all of them.) When all enemies of a wave are destroyed, the wave ends and the next one begins in 15–30 seconds. Note that players can rejoin instantly when they die 3 times... so it's truly endless. You just lose all your points per run of 3 lives. If a wave is not progressed for 12 hours, the arena is closed. For waves that have upwards of 200 entities, they are divided into 10 or more sub-waves as evenly as possible (the number of sub-waves is determined by the amount of enemies), mostly because it would crash the server if too many entities are active at one time.




Enemy Classifications

Polygons and Crashers

Type 1 Crashers

The weakest kinds. They have little power and aren't that dangerous.

  • Pink Crashers
  • XL Pink Crashers
  • Summoner Squares
  • Swarm Squares
  • Swarm Seekers
  • Green Runners
  • Trapezoids
  • Groupers
  • Navy Seamissiles

Type 2 Crashers

They have special abilities that can disorient tanks slightly, but fairly easy to destroy.

  • Phasers
  • Semi-Crushers
  • Crushers
  • Split
  • Decontrollers
  • Spiralers
  • Healers
  • Tankers
  • Splitter Hexagon
  • Splitter Pentagon
  • Splitter Square

Type 3 Crashers

These guys are heavier, stronger and more dangerous. Some of them have powerful abilities!

  • Tears of Panzer
  • Stickers
  • Tri-Blades
  • Red Runners
  • Leechers
  • Blue Runners
  • White Destroyers
  • Disrupters
  • Clutters
  • Strikers
  • Spitters
  • Mimicker
  • Orbiter
  • Warper
  • Separator
  • Stabber
  • Assassinator
  • Sharp Crasher
  • Punchers

Type 4 Crashers

These are the strongest and toughest kinds. In numbers, they can easily overwhelm groups of level 30 tanks.

  • Plæges
  • Phages
  • Quasars
  • Navy Seamine
  • Thorn Mines
  • Vis Destructicas
  • Knockers
  • Clone Drones
  • Meteors
  • Asteroids
  • Comets
  • Sharp Crashers
  • All Delta Crashers Level 1 and Level 2

Type 5 Crashers

These Crashers are all weaponized, some more than others. However, they are all extremely dangerous.

  • All Delta Crashers Level 3 and Level 4

Type 1 Enemies

There is only one category of enemies, but there are many enemies within, with varying degrees of power and strength.

Type 1 Polygons

These polygons are actually powerful.

  • Navy Pentadecagon
  • Delta Square
  • Delta Triangle
  • Delta Pentagon
  • Delta Hexagon
  • Prototype Polygons

Type 2 Polygons

Stronger than Type 1 but weaker than bosses.

  • All Nest Defenders excluding Phage, Quasar, and Terminator Lite
  • Bionic Polygons
  • Delta Heptagon
  • Delta Octagon
  • Delta Nonagon
  • Tellurium 2nd Gen Polygons
  • Hexastellaris
  • Tri-Stellaris
  • Alpha Pentagram

Type 3 Polygons

Strongest kinds of polygons.

  • Delta Decagon
  • Delta Hendecagon
  • Delta Dodecagon
  • Phage Nest Defenders
  • Quasar Nest Defenders
  • Terminator Lite
  • Other stronger Nest Defenders
  • Cultist Polygons


Type 1 Bosses

Type 1 Bosses are very simple. They are simple enough to only have one or two different types of weapons but still are a threat.

  • Guardian
  • Summoner
  • Defender
  • All Fallen bosses
  • Septashot
  • X-Bow
  • Constructionist
  • Pulsar
  • Lurk
  • Slider
  • Spiraler boss (unnamed)
  • Radial

Type 2 Bosses

Have 3 or more weapons or possess basic special abilities.

Type 3 Bosses

Still simplistic, but much more dangerous. Have complicated abilities or special weapons.

Type 4 Bosses

Bosses that fall under this category are a threat to half a server or more. They also possess many special attacks, although they are not too complicated (mostly.)

Type 5 Bosses

These guys are the first true threats, and they usually have distinct personalities and many special attacks.

Type 6 Bosses

Require some skill to take down, get ready.

Type 7 Bosses

Can take on multitudes of tanks at once. Lots of them.

Type 8 Bosses

Welcome to the part where bosses become crazy powerful. It's going to take the entire server or more to take them down...

Type 9 Bosses

Even more powerful, several servers are brought together to fight them or the equivalent (usually.)

Type 10 Bosses

The final stage. These bosses are so incredibly powerful that it takes insane cooperation just to take down 1 of them.


  • 1: 5x Type 1 Crasher
  • 2: 10x Type 1 Crasher
  • 3: 20x Type 2 Crasher
  • 4: 30x Type 3 Crasher
  • 5: 1x Type 1 Boss
  • 6: 40x Type 4 Crasher
  • 7: 5x Type 1 Enemy
  • 8: 10x Type 1 Enemy
  • 9: 70x Type 4 Enemy
  • 10: 4x Type 1 Boss
  • 11: 5x Type 1 Polygon
  • 12: 90x Type 4 Crasher
  • 13: 25x Type 3 Polygon
  • 14: 30x Type 2 Polygon
  • 15: 6x Type 2 Boss

After Wave 15, what the enemies are randomized. For example, it is a Type 1 Enemy set that is to be spawned, it is 5-20 times the wave number. The exact values are below:

  • Type 1 Enemies: 20-75 * (wave number/10)
  • Type 1 Crashers: 100-300 * (wave number/10)
  • Type 2 Crashers: 75-250 * (wave number/10)
  • Type 3 Crashers: 75-225 * (wave number/10)
  • Type 4 Crashers: 50-200 * (wave number/10)
  • Type 5 Crashers: 50-150 * (wave number/10)
  • Type 1 Polygons: 75-225 * (wave number/10)
  • Type 2 Polygons: 25-100 * (wave number/10)
  • Type 3 Polygons: 10-50 * (wave number/10)

Bosses spawn every 5 waves, and sometimes there are special bosses. Type 5 Bosses cannot appear before wave 50, Type 6 before wave 75, Type 7 before wave 90, Type 8 before wave 100, Type 9 before wave 120, and Type 10 before wave 150.

  • Type 1 Bosses: 50-75 * (wave number/20)
  • Type 2 Bosses: 30-50 * (wave number/20)
  • Type 3 Bosses: 10-20 * (wave number/20)
  • Type 4 Bosses: 10-15 * (wave number/20)
  • Type 5 Bosses: 8-15 * (wave number/20)
  • Type 6 Bosses: 8-12 * (wave number/20)
  • Type 7 Bosses: 5-8 * (wave number/20)
  • Type 8 Bosses: 2-5 * (wave number/20)
  • Type 9 Bosses: 1-3 * (wave number/20)
  • Type 10 Bosses: Only spawns on waves that have a number divisible by 1000

Special Waves:

Every time the cycle repeats, the boss or enemy is replaced by another from its category and the number increases by 50% each time the 1000 wave cycle repeats, so instead of 3x Nostradamus on wave 1100, there will be 5x Olympus. That's just an example.


  • This would be a great way to farm Panzer Tokens were it not for the fact that bosses don't drop Panzer Tokens at all. Instead, you get 1 every 20th wave after wave 60.
  • An idea of a cross-AU mashup has got to be the best thing ever.
  • There's an Insane mode, where if after 5 minutes * wave number a boss isn't defeated... enemies keep spawning. And after that, 5 more minutes (no multiplier) per wave... don't let them stack up!
  • In this gamemode, killing bosses will not reward any achievements. There are, however, achievements for doing certain things in this gamemode.
  • A notification appears when a wave starts and when all enemies have been destroyed. If a boss wave needs a special fortress for that boss, the location will be denoted in its wave start notification.
  • Bosses that talk are silenced, EXCEPT Sassafras in certain circumstances. On waves with Sassafras, a maximum of 10 can be talking at once. Once one of the talking ones is killed, another will not take its place and there will be one less talking tan hexagon raised by ducks.
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