The Enforcer is a tier 4 tank that upgrades at Level 45 from either Aviator or Punisher. It keep the flying ability of the Aviator, regaining the ability to charge. However, it loses Aviator's weakness to Body Damage and gains Punisher's increasing damage. Its weakness is that it has no ranged attacks to defend itself, and its charge cooldown is now 15 seconds. It is much faster than before on the ground, but has the standard charge speed multiplier of 150%.


The body of the Enforcer is a Smasher body, and it has a lance that glows cyan. Its wings are a single diamond below the smasher hexagon, and it has no fuselage. The lance is below the Smasher hexagon, unlike the rest of the Punisher family.


The Enforcer has multiple technical differences from Aviator and Punisher. The charge ability is back and works like Aviator's charging, but it does not take extra body damage, unlike other Aviator upgrades, and is much tankier than Aviator. This is a Body Damage class. Health Regen, Max Health, Body Damage, Damage Scaling Time, and Movement Speed are now increased. Its main drawback is that it takes more time for Damage Scaling to occur, and that its charging is less controllable than non-Aviator tanks from the (expansive) Lancer branch. Its charging speed multiplier is back to Lancer's, at 150%. Your charging cooldown is now 15 seconds.

It takes 30 seconds for the Enforcer to reach maximum DPS. It has the same charging time as Aviator.


This is a Body Damage tank. Play it like a Punisher, not like an Aviator. It has the speed and trap immunity of Aviator and the increasing Body Damage of the Punisher. Just avoid being an idiot.

As the Enforcer

  • Fly over traps, but do not attack the Trapper(s) behind the traps. You, just like all other tanks in the Aviator branch, can take damage from traps if you are on the ground.
  • You are slightly more predictable because you cannot zip off into the sunset like the rest of the Aviator branch. Because of this shortcoming, it is best to be aggressive towards other tanks, since you deal a ton of damage.
  • Your counters include high Reload tanks, since getting shot mid-flight is even more dangerous with reduced flight speed since now an opponent can knock you down entirely with ease, ending your flight temporalily. Don't get hit.
  • Avoid drone tanks, since you can't aim easily mid-flight, and you are slower than most Aviators.
  • Attack tanks that have less Body Damage than you that are not the aforementioned counters listed above.

Against the Enforcer

  • The Enforcer is the slowest in flight out of all of the Aviator branch. Stay away from its lance (noticeable because it glows cyan) at all times, and shoot it with bullets or drones.
  • As a Trapper branch tank, wait for it to land, and then shoot it with everything you've got.
  • Run if you have no Body Damage or Reload.
  • Be on the defensive. Enforcer is aggressive.
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