The Enigma is one of the current Tier 4 tank upgrade options that may upgrade form the Cruiser and the Probe.


The Enigma features a circular tank body as a base with a small sized Factory Spawner mounted onto the front. Onto the front sides are two Partisan Spawners.


The Enigma, like the Probe, can spawn 4 small Factory Drones, but this time, its a bit different. The Cannons of each Factory Probe are replaced with a singular Partisan Spawner. The reload of the Probes are decreased to that of Heavy. This is so that the tank is not too overpowered considering that the side Partisan Spawners also fire. The Partisan Spawners have the same stats as the ones on the Cruiser. The Factory Spawner itself has the reload of a Probe.


  • This was a combination between Factory and Battleship. Now its a combination of the Unnamed Director Upgrade (Probe) and the Cruiser. Even better.
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