The Enigmatrix is a second generation Boss Tank added on September 3rd, 2017, the same day that the Stalemate was added. Like Ultraviolet, or Black Blizzard, Enigmatrix is a dual base Boss Tank. Enigmatrix has an extremely unique design, with 2 bases, similar to the Havoc, each with one Annihilator Auto Turret, and 2 reflectors, but both reflectors have special functions.


The Enigmatrix by itself

The Enigmatrix features Two lime green triangle bases, each with an Annihilator Auto Turret, connected by a Cannon. On the central Cannon, there are 2 Reflectors, although they have a special purpose, explained in the technical section.

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Enigmatrix reflectors are unique, as they bend around on the given Enigmatrix, not coming off of the body. Every 5 times they go around the Enigmatrix, they fire a Destroyer Bullet.


The Enigmatrix has around 4,500 health, with the speed similar to that of a Fallen Booster, but a bit faster.


1. Matrix

  • Every time the reflectors make a full rotation, there is a 1 out of 15 chance for the body to split into 3 parts; The Cannon parts, and the 2 units, each with one shield, for 10 seconds minimum, and 65 seconds maximum.

2. Hazmat

  • The Enigmatrix shields become a dark green shade, and expand, protecting more of the Enigmatrix, acting like a "Hazmat Suit" for the Enigmatrix, hence the name.

3. Revitalization

  • Probably the most powerful attack, the Enigmatrix releases a pulse from both units, that drains energy, and acts as a Tank Destabilizing shot, not only leaving tanks pretty much defenseless, but also having an EMP like debuff/nerf, not being able to shoot, or control drones.

4. Rapids of the Rivermouth

5. Superposition

  • The Tank splits, like in the Matrix attack. One unit mirrors the movement of the other one, while the Cannon unit stays still, firing with Auto Spin. This attack lasts for 20 seconds. Always.


  • I love this concept.
    • I mean it. I really like it.
      • Im serious.
  • On to the actual trivia, Enigmatrix name is a combination of Enigma, and Matrix.
  • Enigmatrix name is both Singular and Plural.
  • This is the second time i made this page, as my first attempt ended with my internet crashing.
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