Entitty Classification are a game mechanic in The Extended Tale of Diep that allows for a universal strength and weakness system to be implemented among all entities, players, and bosses within the EToD. Idea by Diepmon.


Within the EToD, there exist eight distinct levels of entity classification. Each level has its own attributes, giving the entity that it is assigned to a few additional attributes shared among all entities that possess the same level. To see an entity's classification, select them as a target.

EToD Entity Classifications

The symbols of entity classification. From the left of each row and starting from the top: Weak, Normal, Strong, Elite, Supreme, Herculean, Conqueror, Champion


Entities classified as "Weak" will take 3% more damage from all sources (excluding debuffs) and take 25% more damage from critical hits. This classification is often given to, well, weak enemies that players will often mow down without a second through in their path to greater challenges. Generally, it includes most Crashers without special weaponry and smaller minions of stronger enemies.


Players from level 1-45 fall under this category, as well as a great deal of standard "grunt" enemies that are encountered in the variety of gamemodes and throughout The Realm. Normal entities do not have any special attributes.


Entities in this class include level 46-75 players, and most "stronger" common enemies that can go toe-to-toe with players, bar the fact that their inferior AI requires multiple to gang up on a player to be effective. They are passively at least 3% resistant to damage from all sources (excluding debuffs) and take 7% less damage from critical hits. The damage resistance does not stack if the entity already has damage reduction.


Entities in this class are rarer-spawning enemies, for example; the Tier 3 Legionnaires would fall under this category, having considerable (but not overpowering) weaponry and a generous amount of health. A well-equipped player would easily take on one, maybe two or three, but Elites in excess and inclusive of four can pose a problem. Elite entities have a passive non-stacking 5% resistance to all damage that acts like that of the Strong class, and have a 10% critical damage mitigation.


"Supreme" entities are those who are usually mini-bosses, including Nest Defenders and Tier 4 Legionnaires (and some stronger minions of some bosses). This classification is also applied to all Alpha Polygons. Apart from a default non-stacking 10% damage reduction from all sources excluding debuffs, they have a 10% chance to make a critical hit a normal hit instead of doing the higher amount of damage. No player except fully maxed level 75s can dream of defeating a Supreme-class entity by themselves - and even then, it's very hard, depending on the entity.


Most common bosses, including the weaker Realm Bosses, Gladiator Bosses, and Polypatrons, fall under this classification. As the name suggests, Herculean-class entities are incredibly strong and require multiple players to fight. Due to the wide variety of entities that fall under this category, it is imprudent to say that one player alone cannot defeat, say, the Leviathan. On the other hand, The Keeper would be a much more difficult challenge. However, all Herculean entities have 12% base non-stacking damage reduction from all non-debuff sources, and have a 12.5% chance to mitigate a critical hit. Regian Scout Walkers have this classification. Additionally, Herculean-class entities are immune to the following debuffs:

  • Slowed
  • Stunned
  • Blinded
  • Confused
  • Unfocused
  • Dazed
  • Polymorph
  • Panic
  • Cursed
  • Degeneration
  • Spiced
  • Sassafrize


Conqueror-class entities include most stronger bosses (especially Realm Bosses) and Regian Juggernaut Walkers. Entities in this category usually (but not always) have in excess of 30,000 health, and sometimes use Health Scaling. An example would be Royale in Arena-based gamemodes. The Spicyfras, Sassa Club, and High Prophets would also fit the bill quite nicely, as would the Wicked Prince. Generally, Conqueror-class entities have either multi-phase battles or a repertoire of complicated attacks (however, most have both.) All Conqueror-class entities requires a semi-skilled group to fight effectively. They have 15% non-stacking damage reduction from all non-debuff sources, and have a 15% chance to mitigate a critical hit. They are also immune to all debuffs listed under Herculean-class entities.


Champion-class entities are the strongest of all entities in the world of the Extended Tale of Diep. They possess incredible power and require a large, (sometimes) coordinated group to take down. Examples of Champions include Lord Sassafras, Archprophet, Avatar of Panzer, the Polygon Disciples, the High Sassa Council... etc. Champions are not to be messed around with. They have a 20% non-stacking damage reduction from all non-debuff sources, and are immune to all debuffs unless otherwise noted. They have a 17.5% chance to mitigate a critical hit.

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