This page serves as a Buffs and Debuffs-style page for The Extended Tale of Diep, but includes a new mechanic known as environmental modifiers, passive or semi-passive effects that occur when players interact with the environment or other entity in some indirect way. New buffs and debuffs are also listed here.

Environmental Modifiers

Everything can be inflicted with Environmental Modifiers, and will be affected by their effects unless otherwise noted. This includes bosses.

  • Soaked: Soaked originates from two sources: being in or submerged in water, where it is always active, coming out of water or being hit by a water-based attack, at which it will last for 10 seconds before disappearing. It is also always present if in the Stumbling Bogs. If something with Soaked is hit by an electricity-based attack (lightning bolts of any kind, including magic, Shocker branch bullets, magic bolts, or electric sparks), it receives twice the damage it usually would take. For the latter, the debuff will instantly disappear if the entity is inflicted with Burning or Waterflame, or is near a heat source. Soaked does not occur in any hot biomes, these being Blazing Cape, Toil Ridge, Cinderfell, Infernal Mesa, Paradigm Dunes, or Obsidian Crags.
  • Freezing: Gained by being in any area of Wintercrest or Gustfelled Plateau, or being hit by a cold, freeze or ice-based attack. In the case of the latter, it lasts for 10 seconds after being hit with the attack. Freezing, like Soaked, does nothing by itself. Being hit by a fire or heat-based attack will immediately end Freezing (except if in a region, then it will be removed for 15 seconds), as well as being inflicted with Soaked, Waterflame, or Burning. However, in the case of the former, fire or heat-based attacks will do double damage on contact, much like how electric or lightning-based attacks do double damage to a player or entity with Soaked. The difference here is that Freezing does not occur in warm to hot biomes, which are those listed above in Soaked, and additionally, Shattered Coast and Imperium.
  • Overheating: Gained by being in any area of Blazing Cape, Shattered Coast, Paradigm Dunes, Obsidian Crags, Toil Ridge, Cinderfell, and Infernal Mesa. It cannot occur in biomes where Freezing can be gained. Overheating is also caused if a player is hit by any fire-based attack, inflicted with Burning, or wanders into a lava or fire-based natural hazard. In all cases, Overheating will last for 10 seconds after Burning ends. If something is inflicted with Overheating, it will take 10% more damage from fire-based attacks and Burning if it happens to be inflicted again. Being hit by a water or cold-based attack will immediately end the effect. Being hit again by the same type of attack will apply either Soaked or Freezing, depending on the type.

Buffs and Debuffs

EToD New Buffs

All buffs.

EToD New Debuffs

All debuffs, including the new ones added by the EToD.

In the Extended Tale of Diep, buffs and debuffs (but not Environmental modifiers) can stack. If a player has Burning for 8 more seconds and is inflicted with Burning from an attack for 5 seconds, for the next 5 seconds, they will have Burning II, meaning that the effect of Burning is doubled (from 5% loss of health per second to 10% loss of health per second. Better get some healing items.) After Burning II ends, the remaining 3 seconds will be normal Burning (I). Most buffs and debuffs can stack beyond II; the general maximum is V, a 5x multiplier to the buff or debuff's effects. Exceptions are as follows:

  • Armored and Broken can stack up to a maximum of X (10 times.)
  • Buffs and debuffs that do not rely on numerical modifiers, including, but not limited to Invulnerable, Unfocused, Dazed, Confused, Stunned, and Paralyzed do not stack. If more duration is inflicted, it will simply overlay and add the two durations together.
  • Poisoned and Burning can stack up to a maximum of III.

Unlike Environmental Modifiers, all bosses, unless otherwise noted, are immune to all debuffs, but are affected by most buffs.

Existing Buffs

  • Invulnerable/Invincible: Makes the target immune to all damage. Should a bullet hit them, the thing with this effect will flash a gold color and the bullet will disappear. Symbol is a gray metallic shield.
  • Hasty: Moves 25% faster until the effects wear off. Symbol is a green arrow pointing up. If Slowed, Slow will take priority.
  • Frenzy: Things with this effect will have 20% increased attack speed and velocity until it wears off. If under the effects of Fatigued, both will cancel out. Symbol is an orange fist.
  • Recovering: Effects different entities differently. Players, enemies, Polygons, or other entities with this buff will recover 5% of this maximum HP every second until the effect wears off. Bosses affected by this buff will recover 2% of their maximum health every second. Will be canceled if under the effects of Bleeding. Symbol is a pink heart with a soft golden glow.
  • Helping Hand: Temporarily gets a following armed triangle drone that orbits the player and fires bullets. Bullet stats are based on the player's. The drone has its own independent health pool and can be resummoned once destroyed while the buff lasts. It behaves exactly like those created by the Protector tank class. Symbol is a blue triangle with a barrel on a side.
  • Strengthened: All sources of damage dealt by the target will do 30% more damage until it wears off. Projectiles will also have 30% more penetration. Symbol is a sharp sword.
  • Armored: For the duration of the effect, all damage taken from ALL sources will be reduced by half. If players get inflicted with Broken while under this effect, both will cancel out. Symbol is a brown shield.
  • Thorns: For all damage that enemies do to the target through ammunition (traps, bullets, drones, etc.), they take 10% of that damage as well. Symbol is a red triangle with gray spikes on its corners.
  • Health Boost: Adds 20% of the target's max health to its max regenerable health. Once the buff runs out, any extra regenerated HP will be lost. Symbol is a red heart with a golden plus sign.
  • Invisible: Player will not be directly targeted by enemies, but can still take damage while invisible. Player will see themselves as half transparent, but everyone else including enemies will not be able to see them at all. Replacement for the Invisibility mechanic in ToD. Unlike in, players can move and shoot while invisible and will not be revealed upon being hit. To counter this, Invisibility mechanics for tanks that used it in have been changed. Symbol is a half-transparent blue circle with a more opaque dotted outline.

Existing Debuffs

  • Broken: Will take 2x damage from all attacks until it wears off. Symbol is a broken brown shield.
  • Slowed: Moves at 50% speed until the effect wears off. Symbol is a red arrow pointing down.
  • Paralyzed: Cannot move. Electric sparks flash around tanks with this debuff until it wears off. Symbol is a lightning bolt.
  • Poisoned: Will slowly lose 2% of max health every second until it wears off. Poisoned cannot kill, and only brings people inflicted down to 10 HP. You cannot passively recover from Health Regen while under the effects of Poison; however, you can be healed through other means. Can stack with Burning and vice versa. Symbol is a green raindrop.
  • Bleeding: Players will not be able to recover health through any means until the effect wears off. Health Regen, healing by teammates, etc. will not take effect at all. Symbol is a red raindrop.
  • Burning: Will slowly lose 5% of max health every second until it wears off. This, unlike, poison, CAN kill. However, it is usually a lot shorter of a debuff duration and can be canceled by going into water. Burning when it affects enemies under the Waterflame debuff will replace it and increases its damage by 7%, and retains the previous debuff's duration. Symbol is a small flame shape.
  • Stunned: Cannot attack in any way except though body collisions. Symbol is a yellow star.
  • Blinded: Screen darkened by a selected amount until effect wears off. The field of view is lighter when closer to the player and darker as it gets farther, making it hard to see objects from a distance. Symbol is a black eye shape.
  • Confused: Controls are reversed until effect wears off. Symbol is a question mark.
  • Unfocused: Players bullets will have an awkward spread to them, and fire in random directions in a small area around the cursor until the effect wears off. Drones will be harder to control, occasionally not following orders or lagging behind. Symbol is a purple squiggly line.
  • Weakened: All sources of damage dealt by the target will have 50% reduced damage until it wears off. Additionally Melee-based users or enemies will have reduced body damage/lance damage, while retaining their base stat bonuses. Symbol is a broken rusty sword.
  • Fatigued: All forms of Attack Speed (Bullet refire rates, Swinging speed, Respawn rates, usage of magic) as well as the velocity of any form of projectiles are reduced by 40%. Symbol is a blue arrow pointing down.
  • Dazed: Similar to Confused, but different. When Dazed, the player will move around randomly, regardless of whether or not they are controlling their tank. This is slow though, and is more of a wobble in place when not moving, rather than a full on uncontrolled run into a boss with no hope or input. This is in contrast to Confused, where controls are just reversed and the player will not move without input. Symbol is a four-pointed white star with lavender outlines.
  • Polymorph: Very rare debuff that transforms the player into a random helpless Polygon with no means of attack. Players under the effect of Polymorph can be hurt by other players. Found in Mad Science using the chemical pools, upon encountering the Polygon Disciples, and very rarely elsewhere. Appearance can vary from different applications, by default players would be turned into a Pentagon, however it can be any regular polygon. Symbol is a player that is half tank and half pentagon, divided at the center.
  • Waterflame: A unique and formidable debuff widely used by the Polygons, specifically Pentagons. It has similarities to burning, and it also ties into it in many ways. A player/enemy inflicted with Waterflame will slowly lose 3% of max HP every second until it wears off. Like burning, it can kill of players. Being submerged under water while inflicted with Waterflame will INCREASE its damage to 5% every second, and will be indefinite for as long as players are submerged, recommending players to stay away from water sources. What makes matters worse, Waterflame can also spread to nearby teammates/enemies if in very close proximity (within 3 tiles). Players have a 1/7 chance of spreading to others every second, and receivers will be affected for 8 seconds. Ammunition fired by inflicted players will have a 1/10 chance of spreading the debuff further... If a player under the effects of Waterflame gets inflicted with burning, the burning effect will replace Waterflame, and for 3 seconds increases in strength to 7% of max hp loss, while keeping half the duration that the previous debuff had. Symbol is a cyan-blue flame shape with black tendrils near the bottom that curls up with the flame.
  • Panic: HP bar becomes solid black, making players unable to see how much health they have remaining. This creates a panic of a situation that instills fears into players, necessitating them to either dodge, run, flee to Imperium, or DIE. Symbol for Panic is a flaming heart with a kind of jagged exclamation point in it.
  • Cursed: Upon being hit, any Companions in use will go black and white in color, be stuck in place, and stop doing what they are supposed to do until the duration of the debuff ends. Symbol is a small black character with a carbon gray no symbol through and around it.

New Buffs

None yet.

New Debuffs

ZathsuBoss Disciple Decratite

Decratite, whose signature debuff is Degeneration.

  • Degeneration: In the Tale of Diep, this debuff, which turns players into the class they previously upgraded from in the previous tier, is exclusive to Decratite (whereas in the EToD, Degeneration is extremely rare, but it can still be found on high-tier boss fights.) When Degeneration occurs, any extra drones players have over a drone limit will disappear, and reappear when the debuff ends. Symbol is a pair of orange arrows crossed on each other, pointing towards the lower left and lower right corners.
  • Sassafrized: A debuff inflicted only among Hesperians, although it is rare even then. Sassafrized turns players and any other entities into Sassafrized versions of themselves, with tan colors replacing any other color and at least one yellow eye. Often paired with Dazed or Confused. Symbol is a yellow Hesperian eye.
  • Spiced: Another Hesperian-exclusive debuff that causes players to jiggle uncontrollably, as well as making controls slightly unwieldy. Symbol is a red chili pepper with a green stalk.
  • NO U: A debuff inflicted only by the ERKPEOPHET. Disables all buffs (and debuffs), all effects gained from accessories, armor, weapons, or items otherwise, class buffs, Companions (including non-Auto Turret minions,) and Environmental Modifiers. Essentially reduces your character to what they would be if they had no gear on and had only the base damage of their currently-held weapons. Symbol is a gigantic static image of the letters "NO U" pasted over the player's hitbox.
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