Erebu Erebu Erebu what a star you are. After you made your discovery of the other dimension, he got in jealous... Don't worry... I'll help you.

Erebu is a famous tank in the world of diep. She has created her own popcorn brand, "Popcorn di Erebu," and has discovered the Ciep dimension, which Crackers took all the credit for.


Erebu was born to unknown parents, who were killed when Iribo, Erebu's brother, was 6. Erebu and Iribo would explore the world of creating food products. Erebu eventually created "Popcorn di Erebu," Which is Italian for Erebu's Popcorn. That name was suggested by a young polygon boss at the time, Hypotenuse, who is Italian and is a close friend. Popcorn di Erebu was eventually branded, and became a brand. Then a tragedy. Iribo got killed by a remaining member of David's Cult. Erebu wanted her brother back, and with the help of A nearby friend, she accidentally discovered the Ciep dimension, which Crackers took all the credit for. Erebu then almost got abducted and killed by Crackers, but got saved by Vivillain and The Spaceship. Vivillian eventually helped Erebu with self protection, which eventually lead to her current design.


Erebu is a twin on Green team, basically. The only thing added is a hair bow, 3 cannons on each side, and a "Popcorn di Erebu" popcorn dispenser at the back.



Erebu's HP is 3,300, which is slightly more HP than the average boss. She can heal herself by eating Popcorn which heals her by 10 HP per second, which is not that much, but some stats make up for it while it has as much Body Damage as a 10/10/10/0 Smasher.


Erebu's Cannons shoot out Bullets. Its stats are the same as a Twin with maxed out bullet stats with 3 Reload points.

Popcorn Dispenser

The Popcorn Dispenser aka "Popcorn di Erebu" can shoot out popcorn what can heal Erebu but it can hurt normal tanks by -10 HP, when Erebu has under 2,000 HP, the Popcorn Dispenser shoots as fast as a max reload Ranger.

How to Pacifist

Erebu is one of the bosses you can Pacifist. All you have to do is this. Have 10 popcorn enter your barrel. After that, she spins in delight, and starts spawning only healing popcorn. If other tanks touch the popcorn, they get healed. If 30 pieces have been taken, she will spin, then disappear. You will see her again against a much bigger threat...


  • It's spawn message is "Popcorn, popcorn, popcorn..."
  • Erebu's last name is Toille.
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