Messages within the [square brackets] are optional choices for the MODS and ADMINS to decide. For example: [Players can press O to suicide].

Brief Description

Kill enemies and evolve your tank! Tank status and upgrades are automatic, which means your stats will be useless. The tank evolution cycles through EVERY SINGLE EXISTING TANK in the game every time you get a kill. You will still keep your tank/stats when you die. The person who manages to complete the whole tank cycle, aka the person in which got a kill in every tank, WINS.


The purpose of Evolution, the new game mode, is to try to evolve and get a kill on every gun that exists within the game. Because in all other modes (excluding Sandbox) makes it so that your choice of an upgrade will become permanent unless you die. While this game mode will cycle through all guns and quickly give you an understanding of how powerful (and useless) some of the weapons are in the game.

Mechanics & Gameplay

I will explain this from Start to End. As you attempt joining the game with your choice of username, you will enter a lobby waiting for [about 15-30] players to join your lobby. This will work exactly as how the Survival functions, but with [15-30] lines or so.

All players have joined! Countdown goes from 5 to 1. Then you are freed into the arena, [somewhat equivalent to FFA arena]. You are freed using the Default Tank, which is the tank that you begin with. Though be sure that you will ALWAYS be on Level 45, even if you die! [That means that you are able to upgrade your tank statistics to whatever you want... right? WRONG. The choice of stats/upgrade is not yours. Instead, your tank will automatically be upgraded to the recommended status that the admins give. Yup, big pressure to the admins on that note. Therefore, if you get a sniper tank, your bullets, health, tank, even your range of view will adjust to fit with the tank that you have. If you get a Spike right after, your tank stats will adjust again.]

Speaking of stats, after you get a kill from your starting tank (the Default Tank), you will evolve into another tank in random, which means the tank cycle will not be the same every game. Though, everyone in the same lobby will go through the same tank cycle... make sense? You and your friend (in the same lobby) will go through the same tank cycle. But if you leave and join a different lobby, the tank cycle will be different.

The arena will start to shrink on all sides. (2 tiles every 10 seconds) if the game has passed [7 minutes]. The shrinking will stop if the arena reaches the same size as in the game mode Sandbox. The map can also shrink if players leave the game. The shrinking will stop if a player wins. When a player wins, the Arena Closers come in.

[Auto-Respawn can be enabled. After dying, you will be confronted with a death screen including your killstreak, what tank you are on, who killed you, etc. Though below the death screen, you can enable Auto-Respawn if you don't want to see the screen again. You are also able to leave the lobby if you don't want to continue playing.]

Here are the possible tanks that you can play with on Evolution.

Default Tank | Twin | Sniper | Machine Gun | Flank Guard | Smasher | Triple Shot | Quad Tank | Twin Flank | Rocketeer | Skimmer | Triplet | Penta Shot | Spread Shot | Octo Tank | Auto 5 | Triple Twin | Battleship | Assassin | Overseer | Hunter | Trapper | Ranger | Stalker | Overlord | Necromancer | Manager | Overtrapper | Factory | Predator | Streamliner | Destroyer | Gunner | Sprayer | Hybrid | Annihilator | Auto Gunner | Gunner Trapper | Tri-Angle | Auto 3 | Booster | Fighter | Landmine | Auto Smasher | Spike | [Dominator (all playable Dominators in Sandbox)] | Auto Trapper | Tri-Trapper | Mega Trapper | Overtrapper | Gunner Trapper | [(Sandbox) Mothership] | [(playable) Arena Closer]

Yup, I tried to include all types of tanks. If I missed any, feel free to mention them.


As a Trapper or any types of Trappers, if you place many traps around you, and you get a kill, will these traps still be visible?

Yes, if you are lucky enough, you can get two kills and manage to rapidly go through the tank cycle. Though be sure that these traps will soon fade and disappear after a few seconds.

As a small Arena Closer, can you defeat the giant arena closers?

No... not even close.

Can you join an existing lobby?

No, once you have left the lobby, there is no way you can come back.

What happens if you die?

The player who killed you may go to the next weapon in the tank cycle, though you will not lose your tank progress. This means that if you die as a Destroyer, you will still respawn as a Destroyer.

How do you know when you will win?

When you die, you will be confronted with a death screen. Within that screen, it shows you what tank you are on, and how many kills/progress you need in order to reach the last weapon.

This reminds me of COD Black Ops 1's Gun Game...

Yup, same. That was my inspiration. Although there is no humiliation ;)

Ask more questions if you are wondering. I am more than happy to bring new updates!


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