The Excalibur is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from either the Extender or the Navigator at level 45 as part of The Extended Tale of Diep. Being a part of the expansive Lancer branch, it has a unique charge ability that allows the Excalibur to instantly dash through enemies and bosses, dealing damage to them. The Extender's shield is lost once you upgrade to this tank, but the Navigator's minimap remains.


Excalibur charging dash

The Excalibur preparing to charge into the Bomber's projectile.

The Excalibur has an octagonal tank body, with a hexagonal purple gem on top. Its lance glows purple as well. The purple parts glow even more strongly when charging a dash. The shield is gone, though. The cooldown is represented by the purple gem. An increase in cooldown will cause the gem to turn grey, and a decrease in cooldown will cause the gem to turn purple.

Excalibur Dash

The Excalibur dashing.


There is no shield on this tank, meaning that the shield mechanic is also gone. This tank has a unique attack: It can dash instantaneously, which replaces the charge mechanic. When it does so, the minimap will display the line that the dash travels in. (The minimap comes from the Navigator.) Said dash does not allow for turning, and allows the Excalibur to go straight through polygons, enemies, and bosses. However, it takes 5 seconds to recharge, starting when the dash ends. The dash is roughly 10 tiles/second. It ends on its own after 50 tiles or so. The player can get hit during this, and if hit by a bullet with enough damage, the Excalibur will spin out, adding 5 more seconds to its cooldown. You aim it by holding left-click, and release it by releasing left-click.


  • This is an amazing tank against bosses, due to their usually decently-sized hitboxes.
  • This is my second attempt to make an EToD tank.
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