The Executioner is a Tier 4 Upgrade from the Destroyer or Trapper and can be selected at Level 45. It cannot upgrade further.


The Executioner features a circular base. Branching off of this base are no less than twenty Barrels of the same width, each barrel being longer than and overlapped by the previous one. The topmost barrel is itself overlapped by a trapezoidal base.  


The Executioner has a very long reload time and fires a burst of 20 bullets at once, all the size of a Gunner's bullets. These bullets travel in a straight line. The speed of the bullets varies between bullets, each being faster in comparison to the previous one. The closest bullet to the Executioner is the slowest one while the furthest is the fastest one.

The Executioner's bullets do slightly more damage than those of a Gunner's. It also suffers from heavy recoil but has zero spread.


  • Strong Against: Low health tanks, groups of tanks, anything the Executioner can get close to
  • Weak Against: Destroyer-class tanks, high RoF tanks

As the Executioner

  • The Executioner does massive burst damage if a lot of its bullets can connect. However, due to the sluggishness of some of its line of fire, it is necessary to be able to ambush and close the distance against enemy tanks well.
  • The Executioner's incredibly slow reload is typically not a problem, as it's usually only possible to get one shot off before the target notices the Executioner and retaliates, at which point a second shot that has a non-negligible effect is near impossible.
    • Upgrading Reload as the Executioner isn't worth it as its mechanics usually only allow a single effective shot to be fired.
    • Ram strategies do not work, as despite the Executioner's immense recoil, its fire rate is too slow to allow mobility from recoil.
  • Upgrading Bullet Speed is a must as the Executioner. Each point invested improves the Executioner's effective range and has a noticeable effect on the slower part of its line of fire.
  • Despite the Executioner's impressive damage, the base power of its bullets still won't hold up unupgraded. Thus, it is recommended to upgrade Bullet Damage and Bullet Penetration to some degree to maximize killing potential.
  • In team based modes, its unique straight shot has a use even at longer distances. Its literal line of fire can act as a wall to prevent enemy projectiles from hitting the Executioner's team and to create some distance between teams.
  • The Executioner is capable of destroying most incoming bullets. Incoming projectiles typically will hit all 20 bullets and suffer massive damage.
    • This makes the Executioner somewhat able to survive against Drone users, destruction of the enemy tank disregarded.

Against the Executioner

  • All players must keep a safe distance from the Executioner. Even rammers will take heavy if not outright fatal damage from its line of fire.
  • Any tank that can attack from a distance should be able to deal with an Executioner relatively well. Despite its high collective damage, its rate of fire is too slow to be able to destroy tanks just with repeated hits from a small portion of its line of fire.
  • High rate of fire tanks can typically outlast the Executioner's bullet destruction tactic and continue firing upon it when it has nothing to defend itself with.
  • If an Executioner tries to cut off the player's path or restrict their mobility, it is advised to interrupt the previous movement attempt and get closer to the Executioner while it cannot fire to get some damage in.
  • The Executioner's high range at which it can do damage at all makes it great at interrupting regeneration in team based modes.
  • In team modes, Executioners protected by their team will be able to get enough shots off to kill without a hit from its entire line of fire and have excellent formation disrupting potential. It is advised to keep an eye on any enemy Executioners in these modes from time to time.



  • The Executioner has the highest amount of weapons of any tank with 20 Cannons.
  • The Executioner fires the most projectiles in a single shot of any tank, firing 20 bullets per shot.

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