The Executioner is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from either Destroyer or Trapper. It does not upgrade any further.


The Executioner features a circular body, a Destroyer cannon on front and a trap Launcher on the back, with the size from the Gunner Trapper's trap launcher.


The Executioner's Destroyer cannon has its Bullet Damage slightly weaker compared to normal. This is to compensate with the addition of the trap launcher (assuming it upgraded from the Destroyer). The traps fired from the launcher have the same stats with the Gunner Trapper's traps.


The Executioner is a mix of the Destroyer's deadly bullet and Trapper's defensive traps. It is best to utilize both of these features to the fullest. One such example is that the player can setup the traps for the defense, and after that, they can use the Destroyer cannon to bombard the enemies.

Despite its arsenal, the Executioner can still be defeated by tanks that fires in a focused direction, like the Triplet. Such tank can either destroy or change the traps before the Executioner could even counter it.


  • It has a different name when comparing to Gunner Trapper, being 'Executioner' rather than 'Destroyer Trapper'.
    • Also, its name doesn't have the word 'Trapper', which refers to Trapper branch.

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