Experiment21 (21 for short) is a Mega Realm Boss in The Extended Tale of Diep, functioning as an area boss for the Erythea administrative region in the Realm of Sassafras. Idea by Diepmon.


21 is the first artificially created Hesperian, being entirely robotic instead of a cyborg like Sassafras JR. He was created by someone named "Daktor Lakys" (apparently a codename for a Hesperian scientist, as Dr. Lacus clearly didn't make 21.) 21 has masculine programming, and is fully sentient, and by that, is technically a Hesperian. However, he can't gather IE Energy, unlike the Sassafras Supreme.

The Fight


21 can be found charging himself with solar panels in Erythea's northwestern outskirts, powered off. Players must disconnect his charging device to begin the fight. When that happens, 21 will turn on and immediately attack the player who pulled his plug.

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