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Exploration is a conceptual gamemode created by Tacocat247. The basic gist of the gamemode is to explore and expand your base as far as possible, but its a lot more complex and fun than it seems like.


In this Gamemode, there are 6 teams. Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, And Grey. Teams cannot hurt each other unless the team leaders say they can or cant. Consequentially, you can team with other teams. Now, don't worry about the game ending, the map is infinite, and everyone starts in the middle. Bosses spawn normally but without spawn messages, and there is no central pentagon nest, only inferior nests like triangle nests, square nests, Pentagon nests, hexagon nests, ECT.

Team leaders

Team leaders are the 1st 6 people that spawn. They can be one of 7 classes. The Spawner, The Axolotl, The Linker, The Hitman, The Insect, The Cycloid, Or The Mothership. Each tank will be explained later but here are basic overviews of each tank. They are all level 140.

The Spawner

Spawns copies of itself while shooting.

The Axolotl

Regenerates quickly and helps others regenerate while defending.

The Linker

Basically a streamliner flank.

The Hitman

A auto overlord. That's it.

The Insect

Really fast and does decent damage.

The Cycloid

A spike with booster barrels.

The Mothership

Remember the Mothership gamemode? Yeah, this is the same Mothership.


This is pretty simple to learn. When 2 teams want to team, when 2 team leaders meet and spin (spin2team) they can choose to team or to fight.


You spin and you team. That's it.


All tanks spawn in the center of the map, around 5x the size of the area around a Dominator.

Fusion tanks

Fusion tanks are spawned by collide with another team. If you want to spawn these, you must team with your partner first. Second, you and your partner upgrade to some designated tank. (example: Streamliner and Flank Guard) Third,collide! Fusion tank will spawn. (Streamliner + Flank Guard = The Linker) It's color is brown, but friendly to ALL teams. Then, what it do? It protects your bases! But, I think base breakers are not so many...


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Down Base - Destroy an enemy base

Boss Breaker - Kill 5 bosses in 1 run

Ultimate Teamer - Team with another team

Up Base - Spawn as a team leader

Inconsistency - Create and break up an alliance with another team 5 times in a row

Tribute to MS - Spawn as the Mothership in Exploration

Emptiness - Be the only one in the server for 10 minutes

NO MORE WAR - Team with another 5 teams

Fusion - Collide with some another team's tank and spawn some brown tanks


  • The Cycloid and The Axolotl are based on dreams I had.
  • Brown team originally was in this gamemode but it was replaced with grey.
  • Feel free to expand on this gamemode.
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