The Extender upgrades from the Lancer at level 30, adding yet another subdivision to the already enormous Lancer branch. It can further upgrade into the Needlenose, Inflator, Vacuum Tank, Striker, Drill, Excalibur, or Lancer Trapper. Idea by Diepmon.


The Extender has a lance on the front and a shield-like curve that wraps around about third of the tank connected to the body by a small rectangle.


This tank has a mechanic that is unique to its branch. It still has a charge ability, but the shield thing on the back can absorb up to 20 ammunition points. By this, I mean it can absorb bullets, drones, traps, or other things fired from a tank's barrels. It cannot absorb other Lancer spikes, Smasher shells, or magic-related ammunition, such as those from the Mage and Shaman branches. Ammunition points determine how much the shield can hold. The values are as follows:

  • Normal bullet-2 points
  • Gunner or Auto Turret bullet-1 point
  • Normal trap-3 points
  • Predator large bullet-2.5 points
  • Predator/Hunter small bullet-1.5 points
  • Sniper-type bullet-2.5 points
  • Sprayer small bullet-1 point
  • Triangle drone-4 points
  • Square drone-3 points
  • Tank minion-4 points
  • Gunner Trapper/Lancer Trapper/Sniper Trapper trap: 2.5 points
  • Mega Trapper trap: 5 points
  • Destroyer bullet: 6.5 points
  • Annihilator bullet: 8 points
  • Ballista-type bullet: 3 points
  • Shocker-type bullet: 6 points

Battleship drones will just disappear, so there's no point in listing them here. Bomber bombs will explode upon hitting the shield, dealing damage like normal. Note that the ammunition which is absorbed by the shield is actually visible on it, and there's a reason for that. When the left mouse button is pressed, all the stuff on the shield is fired outwards, at a third of the damage and speed but full penetration. Think of it as a porcupine tank (a porcupine doesn't actually shoot its quills, the spikes come out quite easily though.) To prevent abuse, the ammunition has to be ENEMY ammunition (so you can't just ask your Gunner friends to keep firing bullets into your shield and then release it as a shotgun. There is no recoil when the shield is fired out, although the tank has to be facing backwards if they want to fire the ammunition back at their enemies.

If more bullets are fired than the shield can hold, the tank will take damage (or if the bullets are fired from the front, obviously since there's no shield there.) The ammunition is fired out at the same angle it came in, so if a Destroyer bullet came at the left side of the tank and stuck there, when it is launched out again it will go away at the angle it came in. Drones will be now controlled by the tank and their stats will apply to the tank's skill point allocation. The tank can carry a maximum of 12 square drones or 4 triangle drones. There is an ability to switch between control groups, which is explained on the Master page and works exactly like it. See below for why tank minions are excluded.


  • If this tank happens to hook tank minions, they will stick onto the back of the tank and become permanent Auto Turrets but still have their team color. There can be a maximum of 5, and they line up evenly spaced on the tank. However, their firing is still the same and they use the Extender's bullet stats. When the shield ejects ammunition, the tank minions will not be ejected.
  • When the shield ejects things, the entire shield will retract in (touching the tank body) for a second then spring out to twice the original distance, firing the ammunition out before retracting back to its original position.
    • If an enemy tank happens to be too close to the shield part and it is extended, the tank will be sent flying away but will not take any damage.
  • The shield can be extended regardless of how much ammunition is stuck to it, but there is a cooldown of 15 seconds.
    • The two above trivia bullets make approaching this tank with a Smasher branch tank quite difficult, as it can be sent flying away with the extending shield ability this tank possesses.
  • An enemy Vacuum can suck up the ammunition on an Extender's (or Inflator's) shield and take no damage from any of the things sucked up, even traps.

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