The Falcon is a level 45 tank that upgrades from the Dove. Base stats, which are movement speed, reload, health, and body damage are increased by 1 mark. It is related to the Booster in terms of cannon stats.


The Falcon resembles a level 45 tank with cannons arranged to make it appear like a small bird with a broad tail. It does not closely resemble the Dove, although they are in the same class.

Seen below in the bottom right corner is a Falcon with its wings back using its ability.



The Falcon, like all others in its class, has weak cannons compared to other tanks. The Falcon, like the Dove, flaps its wing cannons back and forth while firing. The front and back cannons fire simultaneously, but the back cannons have significantly more recoil. The wing cannons provide little recoil, but the movement thrusts the Falcon forward, more than the Dove. When holding shift and firing, the Falcon will fire faster with its wings held back and move quicker, dealing 1.4x more body damage than normal to anything hit. This ability lasts 5 seconds, but takes 10 seconds to recharge. The Falcon has the same wing cannon firing mechanics as the Dove.

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