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The Fallen Reloader is a boss tank that is a lot like the normal Reloader, but it is like the Fallen Booster and the Fallen Overlord. It has 3,000 hp and does Annihilator damage. It needs to reload, just like the Reloader and the Recharger, but it reloads 50% slower than the Reloader


The Fallen Reloader's front cannon shoots 3 rounds of Annihilator bullets, but bigger. It has AI to not attack unless a bullet is going towards it, but if one is, it unleashes all of its firepower on the puny tank that attacked it. It becomes 'passive' once again after 15 seconds. It will run away if it has less than 30% of its health left, and it will keep running until it has healed to 60%. It heals 10 hp/second, but if it is passive, it gains 100/sec.

Summoning / Spawning

The Fallen Reloader has a complex spawn. If a Reloader dies while there is any given fallen tank, that Fallen tank turns into a Fallen Reloader. This mechanic was introduced in patch 1.3, and before that it spawned the same as normal bosses. If the Fallen Reloader is passive for more than 2 minutes, it turns back into the Fallen tank it was before. The same is true when someone upgrades to Reloader.


Welcome To The Jungle
Summon a Fallen Reloader

Die as a Reloader when there is a Fallen tank

Thank You For Visiting
Kill a Fallen Reloader

Kill a Fallen Reloader

Rage Mode
Provoke a Fallen Reloader

Shoot a bullet at a passive Fallen Reloader

Kill a Fallen Reloader as a Reloader
Destroy a Fallen Reloader as a Reloader.
Ridding The Energy
Destroy a Fallen Reloader by upgrading
Upgrade to a Reloader to destroy the Fallen Reloader.

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