The Fernomage serves as the first subdivision for the Sorcerer. As it upgrades from that at Level 30, it can also be promoted into the Pyromancer at Level 45.


The Fernomage is a blue circle-shaped tank with two blue semi-circles on either side of the front of the tank, holding a long rod that no longer has an orb, but an orange 10-point star that represents the Sun.


This class's magic bullets are now stronger than the Pounder's, but less than the Destroyer's. Of course, these projectiles continue to have Area Damage, but it now has a new ability: Fire Damage. If an enemy is hit by this projectile, they will start to take damage over time. Upgrading this stat option will increase its damage.

  • Magic Damage is increased, but Magic Penetration is decreased.
  • The 'Area Damage' stat is removed from this sub-branch, and is replaced with 'Fire Damage' (upgrading this stat option will increase the damage dealt over time).


  • Is it getting hot in here? — Upgrade to Fernomage
Is it getting hot in here?
Upgrade to Fernomage


  • Design by Anonymoususer12321.
  • This class is named 'Fernomage', but the icon says 'Pyromage'. This is because of my last-minute decision for a name change.
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