The Fireseer is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Overseer. It spawns drones that can set Polygons and enemies they touch in fire. Being a Tier 4 tank, it cannot upgrade any further.


The Fireseer features a circular body and a single spawner. An ovular base overlaps most of the spawner.


The Fireseer's drones are now covered in fire indefinitely. This means they can set enemy tanks, Polygons, and other non-friendly entities on fire upon contact. The burn time is always 1.5 seconds, regardless of the Fireseer's upgrade[1]. The damage dealt by the burn effect depends on Drone Damage.

In compensation to this, the Fireseer loses one of its spawners. The remaining spawner has the same Reload with the Manager.


The Fireseer acts like an Manager without the invisibility mechanic, instead being replaced with fire-inflicting drones. It is best to use all drones for offense, as this can maximize the damage against the target.

The Fireseer has an advantage towards Sniper - Assassin classes. With a low rate of fire that cannot easily destroy all the drones, the Fireseer can approach the said tank while covering itself with its drones, until it is time to launch and repel the drones and claw down the tank.

With single spawner, the Fireseer has a much bigger danger when encountering bullet spamming tanks. Compared to the Overlord, with drones that can be easily replenished, the Fireseer has only one spawner to recreate the drones. As such, Triplet and other similar tanks can have an easy time battling the Fireseer.


  • Its name is a portmanteau of fire (for using fire-based weaponry) and Overseer (for being an upgrade of it).


  1. For information regarding burn time, see Fanon:Flamethrower (GellyPop).
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