Firewall is a Gladiator Boss in The Extended Tale of Diep. Idea by Diepmon.


Firewall is a big red Smasher with a very wide Hunter barrel setup on each of the six sides of the Smasher shell. On the main body is a red hexagon the same shade of the body, with one Auto Turret on each side. In the very middle of the red hexagon is an Auto Dominator Turret. The Hunter barrels' big bullets are as big as a Destroyer's but do only 40% of the damage of a max damage one.


Standard Firewall: Fires its Hunter barrels, Auto Turrets, and Dominator turret at tanks. Lasts long periods of time.

Spiral: The Auto Turrets increase their fire rate by 500%, and Firewall spins around very quickly to form a spiral pattern with the bullets.

Norton: The Hunter barrels retract inwards and Firewall charges at various targets, usually 7-10 in rapid succession.

Kasperky: The Dominator Turret pumps out a bullet that increases in size as it travels, dealing increasing damage. The bullet disappears after 5 seconds.

Windows Defender: The Hunter barrels fire out 6 rounds of bullets, each traveling faster than the last.

Heat Wave: Firewall releases a burn wave that sets EVERYTHING on fire within a large area, inflicting Burning for 7 seconds.

FIREWALL!: Used at 5% health. Firewall retracts all its Hunter barrels inwards, like in Norton, and sets itself on fire. Then, it charges into the largest group of tanks, dealing 500 damage, which is enough to kill any normal tank outright.


  • Some attacks are named after antivirus software brands. Get it? Firewall?
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