"Flamethrower is what you need to make someone shout 'I'm on fire!' except literally."
The Flamethrower is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from Machine Gun. It uses igniter as its weapon. It can upgrade further into Flamethrower Flank, Pyromaniac, Inferno, Scorcher, Auto Flamethrower, Shatterburner, or Shadowburner.


The Flamethrower features a circular body and an igniter, overlapped by an oval base. The igniter looks like a thin rectangle longer than a regular barrel but shorter than a Sniper’s barrel, with a small trapezoid whose larger base is at the tip of the rectangle.


The Flamethrower uses a new weapon - the igniter. It fires “flames”, which looks like semi-rounded squares that becomes larger as the flames last longer, but moves slowly and spreadly. Flames have the default peach color (which is the same as the color of FFA Necromancer’s/Summoner’s drones), but takes the same color of the team in team game modes. A contact from the flames doesn't deal much damage, especially when the flames were larger, but these set the victim on fire, constantly dealing damage. Note that the size of the flame affects the time of burning, as well as the initial damage from being in contact from the flame. Without upgrades, the longest Burn Time is 3 seconds, while the shortest is 0.5.

When flames made contact to other ammunitions (bullets, drones, traps, etc), no matter whose ammunition belongs to, the ammunitions will be covered in fire, and upon hitting a possible target (e.g. Polygon), they can set it on fire, but the Burn Time will always be 1 second, even with upgrades. How long does an ammunition is on fire uses the same system previously stated, in which without upgrades, longest burn time is 3 seconds while shortest is 0.5. However, if an enemy ammunition is set on fire by the Flamethrower, but it hits the Flamethrower itself, the Flamethrower will not be set on fire. A Flamethrower may only have itself being set on fire if other Flamethrowers are around. On game modes with teams, this also applies as well, so a Flamethrower cannot set its teammates accidentally on fire even when if the ammunition that were burned came from their enemies.

Upon upgrading, Bullet Damage is replaced by Fire Damage, which determines how much damage is dealt by the flame projectile, as well as while the afflicted target is currently on fire. Bullet Penetration is replaced by Burn Time, determining how long the victim will be on fire after being hit, as stated above. While the duration depends on the size of the flame, every point invested in Burn Time adds additional 0.3 second. Bullet Speed is renamed to Fire Speed, which doesn't actually change anything apart from having slight decrease. Reload will increase slightly, and the FoV will also be Stage 2, like the Sniper.


  • Strong Against: Tanks with low Health Regen, nearby tanks, slow-firing tanks.
  • Weak Against: High DPS Tanks, Trapper branch, Destroyer

The Flamethrower is recommended for a supporting tank. If playing on game modes with teams, those who use Flamethrowers can set their teammates' ammunition on fire, increasing the damage done towards the enemies.

The flames, due to their nature, cannot easily stop even a single bullet and deplete its health, even if the Flamethrower shoots a stream of fire. With this, it is best to avoid tanks that can shoot out mass number of bullets, such as Triplet and Streamliner. Destroyers should also be avoided if possible, since it is usually impossible to stop their massive bullets with just using flames.


  • This is one of the few Tier 3 tanks to have an effect on their targets after attacking them (setting them on fire).
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