The Flamethrower Flank is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from either Flamethrower or Machine Flank. It cannot upgrade any further.


The Flamethrower Flank features a circular body with an igniter on front, as well as another one on back.


If upgrading from the Flamethrower, Fire Damage will be decreased slightly. If upgrading from the Machine Flank, the Machine Gun cannons will be replaced by the igniters, with its stats adjusted. Recoil is now really no longer present since the igniters from both sides cancel each other when firing. The same mechanics of the flame projectile still applies.


  • Strong Against: Groups of tanks nearby, Tanks with low DPS, tanks that usually strafe
  • Weak Against: Single tanks, Destroyer branch, tanks that do not use orbiting strategy

With the addition of an extra igniter, the Flamethrower Flank is now more versatile when fighting tanks both on front and those that attempts to flank. However, it is less effective when fighting lone tanks, as the flames are slightly weaker in terms of damage than its predecessor.

As with the Flamethrower, this tank is best used as a support class. If playing on game modes where teams are present, try to team up with a Tri-Trapper and let it set up a pseudo-base of traps. After that, the Flamethrower Flank can set those on fire, increasing the damage the traps can deal, as well as causing enemies that attempt to touch those to be on fire. The traps will not receive any damage, since the fire effect came from the teammate of the traps' "owner".


  • This tank used to be called "Burner Flank".
    • While the name was shorter before, it was changed due to the fact that its main predecessor, the Flamethrower, was not ever named as such, and may confuse it for another tank.
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