The Flank Defense is one of the two upgrade choices from the Defense. It adds a Shield to the back.


This upgrade features two small shields with rough edges on the front. There are two Cannons integrated into these shields, one in each. The shields are located on the front and the back, respectively.


This tank works technically identically to the Defense. It just has an extra shield on the back.


  • Strong against: Unprepared tanks, weak tanks, spread tanks, low-reload tanks, Destroyer-class tanks, Auto Tanks
  • Weak against: Drone classes, certain Trap classes, high DPS classes

As this tank

The exact same strategies as the ones used for the Defense should be used here because the cannons of the two tanks have the same power.

Against this tank

Use the same strategies as for countering the Defense BUT the flanking strategy. The tank has a shield on the back and will absorb this damage. Using a high DPS class flanking tactic will work but just take longer.


  • Originally created by Transforming Eevee
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