The Flashbang is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Minelayer at level 45. It cannot upgrade further. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Flashbang looks like a Minelayer, but it has 2 small yellow hemispheres on the sides of it. Its ammunition, the Stun Mine looks like a normal Mine, but with 4 lights instead of just 1.

Attack methods

The Stun Mines launched by the Flashbang will release a flash of light that fills the entire screen with brightness. You and your teammates are not affected by this flash, but on the enemy's screen it lasts for 3 seconds; enough for the mine to detonate and do heavy damage to the enemy. The flash affects all enemies in a 50x50 tile radius, but the actual blast is still the same as the Minelayer.

Stun Mines actually do even higher damage than normal Mines, as opposed to Frag Mines and Fume Mines which actually get their damage done decreased instead.


When compared to the Minelayer:

  • Mine Lifespan is decreased to 17.5 seconds.
  • Bullet Damage is slightly increased.



The Flashbang, while lacking in alternative attacking methods, makes up for it with its increased damage and, more importantly, its massive potential in team modes. Since your teammates are not effected by the flash, they can all just rush in while the enemy is blinded.


Once again, like nearly all Minelayer-branch tanks, it's weakness lies in snipers or bullet spammers. However, more so than other Mines, Stun Mines can be very deadly as it immediately blinds upon contact, allowing other tanks to take advantage of this.

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