The Flawed Automaton is a boss tank added on 10/10/2017. This boss is based off of the Automaton, my first tank. It is, of course, a Flawed Automaton, but beating it doesn't require anything broken to beat. It features Three Guns and Four Reflectors.


The Flawed Automaton looks like an Automaton, but with some differences. First of all, there is a reflector on the back, that looks like a Radial Spawner, there are only 3 guns at the front, each one with a reflector on it, and it's all mounted on a rack.


Everything should be easy to understand. It has 4,300 HP, and drops 43,000 EXP upon destruction/death. Each weapon has the same stats as it's regular counterpart, Automaton, although there are a few differences. For one, the Cannons have reflectors on them, and move on the rack around the tank. Something's completely protecting it. Along with that, there is a reflector on the back. Besides that, nothing else changes from its original version.

How to Pacifist

Flawed Automaton is one of the few Bosses you can pacifist. All you have to do is to go behind it, and shoot the reflector at the back. The reflector has its own HP, and when that's destroyed, it spins, and disappears. Although, the reflector has 9,000 HP. Pacifisting the Flawed Automaton is important to defeating another larger threat.


  • Based off of ItzDracius' flawed tank conceptions.
  • The tanks are a bit lacking, but the reason why is because it's close to the same as it's original counterpart, like the Flawed Booster and Flawed Infrared.
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