The Flywheel is a Tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Spike at level 60. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Flywheel has a normal Smasher shell, with 6 spikes that jut out of each side of the shell. Each spike is the shape of a vertically elongated circular sector.

Attack methods

The Flywheel doesn't play like any other normal Smasher upgrade. Normally, the shell of the Flywheel does not spin at all, and body damage is half the usual amount that should be done. So why bother upgrading to the Flywheel? Well, pressing the space bar spins the shell clockwise (always clockwise) and "charges" the body damage of the tank, giving it +30% of the normal damage done, eventually accumulating to a grand total of +300% body damage if charged for 10 seconds or more. However, upon collision with an enemy tank, boss, or Alpha Pentagon, it loses 30% of its body damage boost and has to recharge, meaning it loses all its boosts after 10 hits. Upon collision with an enemy bullet or normal polygon, it only decreases by 5%. It also decreases at -30% per second when no longer pressing the space bar.

Another feature of the Flywheel is that the longer the space bar is pressed, the more knockback resistance the Flywheel gets, and the more knockback it delivers to its targets. This is a separate boost from the above body damage boost, and it increases by 50% per second to a total of +250% after charging for 5 seconds. They too will decrease by 50% upon collision with an enemy tank or boss. Again, upon collision with a bullet or normal polygon, they only decrease by 5%. They also decrease at -50% per second when no longer pressing the space bar.


When compared to the Spike:

  • Base Body Damage decreases.
  • Movement Speed decreases.
  • Health Regeneration rate decreases.



Keep holding that space bar. As long as you spin, you will continuously gain damage and knockback resistance. Note that since you have increased knockback resistance, you can plow though bullets faster than a level 45 body damage tank would be able to. However, be cautious, as too many bullets at once will whittle down your boosts faster then you can accumulate them, killing you. Tanks with low reload speed like Rangers are generally easy to target, as you can easily push away their projectiles and get to the enemy themselves.


Single-directional bullet spammers like the Auto Gunner, Sprayer or Streamliner are probably the best counter to the Flywheel, as they can reliably decrease its attack power and damage it. Do not use Destroyer-branch tanks, as the large bullet, normally high in penetration, would be deflected after only damaging it once, wasting the shot. The Necromancer could possibly overwhelm it with its massive amount of drones, while other drone tanks like the Overlord may have some trouble fighting it alone. In general, teaming up against a Flywheel is the most reliable option to defeat it.


  • Auto Fire and Auto Spin do nothing. The spinning must be manually charged.
  • A flywheel, by its standard definition, is a heavy revolving wheel in a machine which is used to increase the machine's momentum and thereby provide greater stability or a reserve of available power. However, the term "flywheel" in a certain television show means death and destruction to all its enemies...
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