The Follower is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Destroyer at level 45. Created by Vobihy, adopted by Fall Out Wave.


The Follower has a barrel setup that resembles that of a Destroyer Dominator.

Attack Methods

This tank shoots bullets that home into enemy tanks on screen automatically. If there are no enemies on screen, then it will go straight. They will explode upon contact with an enemy tank, if its bullet penetration runs out like any other bullet, or if 20 seconds have passed, like this image. Otherwise, it acts like a simple Destroyer bullet that lasts 20 seconds.

The bullet's color changes over time, from Green when launched, to Yellow after 5 seconds, to Orange after 10 seconds, to Red after 15 seconds.


When compared to the Destroyer:

  • Bullet Damage is unchanged. However, the explosion's splash damage is only half of that of the bullet itself.
  • Bullet Speed is increased.
  • Reload is decreased.



As your bullets home into enemies, you can simply fire away at the general direction of the enemy, like when using a Guided Torpedo. However, unlike the Guided Torpedo, your bullets do not home into enemies off screen, so save your ammunition until you actually see someone. Trappers are easy kills, since your bullets will home into them, collide with their traps and detonate, doing area damage to all the traps, and preferably the Trapper itself. Repeating this for a while should be enough to kill the Trapper.


The Follower's greatest weakness is that its bullets cannot home into off-screen enemies. Using a Ranger, Predator or any other sniper in general should take care of it. Being a Destroyer class, it also has subnormal Bullet Speed, meaning a fast class like a Fighter should be able to outrun the bullet and close in for the kill. However, do keep in mind that this is a Destroyer; getting too close may mean a point-blank shot to the face, and thus death.

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