fort package tank

this tank is an expendable tank useful for support and capturing a dominator. it can be "deployed" to create a fortification. friendly players can enter the fortification (you) and shoot through it, while enemys will be forced to destroy you to get to the players inside.


this tank is a square with a thick grey outline. depending on the variant, different weapons will appear. when deployed, the outline expands to create a wall around you, and you become a large immobile circle in the middle. weapons will appear on you and your walls based on the variant.


each variant of this tank has different weapons and abilities. each variant can also be useful for different play styles of users taking cover in the fort.

variant A: auto fort

this variant has four auto guns, one on each wall. the middle gun is another auto gun. all guns are controllable.

variant B: trapped fort

this fort has four rotating trap layers, one on each corner. the trap layers rotate in a 180 degree arc to trap the entire out side of the fort. these cannot be controlled. the middle has a mega trapper.

variant C: spiked fort

this fort has spikes surrounding it. the middle has a ranger. also, after 10 seconds, this fort will turn semi-transparent, as well as any players inside. it becomes visible after anybody touches the spikes or if it is damaged. only the middle becomes visible when it goes back to being completely transparent in five seconds.

variant D: drone port

this fort's middle has four drone makers that fire one drone each every five seconds. any friendly drones heal while inside the fort and up to eight drones can be controlled by you at a time. it has a 20 drone limit.

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