Fortress Conquest is an Event Gamemode where players fight a series of special Boss Tanks. Collectively, these bosses are known as the Knights of Panzer, and are somewhat more powerful than some standard Sons of Panzer that spawn in Fortresses, despite having about the same amount of health.



To play this gamemode, players have to enter a portal that appears somewhere in the Desolate Plains every two weeks for 48 hours.


All players spawn in at level 30 or are increased to level 30 if they are not already, due to the sheer difficulty of this gamemode. There is a maximum of 150 players in this gamemode, at which the portal in the Realm will close. The map size is 3x the size of a normal map. Players start in a spawn zone and are all part of the Blue team. Upon exiting the base, players find themselves in a giant Nonagon nest, but without any Nest Defenders of any kind or Crashers that spawn. Polygons also spawn at 2x the rate. Taking up 3/4 of the right side of the map, though, is an enormous Fortress.

The Fortress

After 10–15 minutes of preparation (the number is randomized,) the Fortress doors open. A notification will appear when that happens. The main events do not begin until all players are in the starting room. There is a total of 10 rooms in the Fortress, all connected one after another. In each room is a Knight of Panzer, but they are not fought in the rooms upon entering. Instead, they first ambush the players in the hallway, doing a signature attack, THEN teleport all players to their room to do battle. Once this happens, the entrance and exits are closed. Once the Boss Tank is beaten, the exit and entrances are opened again.

Tanks that die respawn with all of their levels, but lose all their points above 23,536 points if they are level 45. Unlike normal bosses, the Knights of Panzer give 50000 base points each instead of the usual 30000. Tears of Panzer spawn in hordes of about 15-20 at random within the hallways. Sometimes, a Clone Drone or two Punchers can spawn in a hallway. Uncommonly, but not rarely, 5-10 of them may suddenly spawn during a boss fight with one of the Knights.

Boss Tanks

The Boss Tanks that can be fought are:

Note that with the exception of the Standard, all the Knights are fought in a random order.

The Final Battle

Since he is their leader, the Standard holds the absolute power over the Knights. His room is also the largest of the ten rooms. Upon entering his room, he will revive ALL the Knights in front of the players (minus the Cataphract if he let the tanks go), yet these revived bosses have a third of their health and attack power and don't have their passive abilities, first attacks and ultimates. They will proceed to attack the players while the Standard sits back and watches. When the players have managed to finish off the Knights, the Standard will attack. To see what that battle is like, see the Standard's page.

Completion Awards

All players that managed to survive without dying get 20 Panzer Tokens, otherwise everyone else gets 15 Panzer Tokens. The player that landed the killing blow on the Standard gets 30 Panzer Tokens and a symbol on their Account. The Knights have a 3/5 chance to each drop a Panzer Token (excluding the Standard).

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