The Fragmenteer is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Minelayer at Level 45. It cannot upgrade further. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Fragmenteer looks like a Minelayer, but the barrel has 2 more horns sticking out of it, curving frontwards, but not as frontwards as the first pair. Its ammunition, the Frag Mine looks like a normal Mine with 12 spikes added.

Attack methods

Like the Minelayer, the Fragmenteer attacks via launching Frag Mines. These Frag Mines, when detonated, launch 12 spikes in a ring. These spikes have infinite penetration, last 1 second and do the damage of a Tank bullet. To make up for this, the base damage of the Frag Mine is slightly decreased. The spikes' speed is dependent on Bullet Speed, and they are as fast as an Assassin bullet.


When compared to the Minelayer:

  • Mine Lifespan is decreased to 17.5 seconds.
  • Bullet Damage is slightly decreased.



Compared to the Minelayer, the Fragmenteer has an even more offensive playstyle, as while the base damage is slightly lowered, the spikes make up for it. If Bullet Speed is upgraded to the max, then said spikes can go through multiple enemies and potentially bump off a few Polygons. Using the Fragmenteer against an Alpha Pentagon or a Boss can be a good idea as multiple spikes may go through the Alpha Pentagon or Boss, doing extra damage along with the base explosion.


Most tactics that counter the Minelayer also apply here since they share weaknesses. Trappers however must watch out for the spikes as their infinite penetration can go through traps and hit the tank itself.

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