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The Frostmage serves as the second subdivision for the Sorcerer. As it upgrades from that at Level 30, it can also be promoted into the Cryomancer at Level 45.


The Frostmage is a blue circle-shaped tank with two blue semi-circles on either side of the front of the tank, holding a long rod that no longer has an orb, but a light-blue hexagon that represents ice.


This class's magic bullets are now weaker than its predecessor. To compensate for this, the magic bullet speed is gradually increased. Of course, these projectiles continue to have Area Damage, but they now have a new ability: Freeze. This allows the Frostmage's magical projectiles to temporarily stun opponents, which will automatically make them stop shooting and stop them in their tracks.

  • Magic Speed is increased, but Penetration and Damage is harshly decreased.
  • The 'Area Damage' stat is removed from this sub-branch, and is replaced with 'Freeze Time' (upgrading this stat option will increase the period of time a freeze lasts).


  • Need to cool down? — Upgrade to Frostmage
Need to cool down?
Upgrade to Frostmage


  • This class is named 'Frostmage', but the icon says 'Cryomancer'. This is because of my last-minute decision for a name change.