The Fume Sprayer is a level 45 tank that upgrades from the Quad Tank at level 45 and cannot upgrade further. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Fume Sprayer is a circle with 4 gas guns spaced evenly apart like a Quad Tank. Gas guns look like Trapper barrels, but the trapezium at the end has the shorter base facing out.

Attack methods

Gas guns spray out an ultra-dense field of tiny, tiny green (or team colour) traps that travel extremely slowly. However, they never completely stop. A tank can easily walk through these bullets, though they will suffer immense damage from the "gas". Any Drone will be instantly destroyed upon entry. Bullets and traps are not affected.


When upgraded from the Quad Tank:

  • Bullet Speed is ridiculously decreased.
  • Bullet Penetration, Damage and Reload are ridiculously increased.
  • Movement speed is decreased.
  • Auto Spin speed is increased.



Destroy all the Drone classes. They stand no chance against you. Trappers are slightly harder to kill but still easy if you have enough points in Bullet Speed. Avoid bullet spam.


Use any class with high fire-rate or damage like the Skimmer or the Sprayer. Do not use drone classes or rammers.

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