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The Gas Bomb is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Minelayer at level 45. It cannot upgrade further. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Gas Bomb looks like a Minelayer, but it has 2 tubes connecting the barrel to the tank. Its ammunition, the Fume Bomb looks like a normal Mine, but it has the barrels of a Fume Sprayer.

Attack methods

The Gas Bomb's Fume Mines behave slightly differently from normal Mines or Frag Mines. They do not explode immediately; instead, when triggered, they rotate very quickly for 2 seconds, releasing a lot of tiny green/team coloured traps (identical to those of the Fume Sprayer) in a ring. Then, the Fume Mine explodes, doing lower-than-normal damage and pushing the "gas" away from it, most likely into the thing that triggered it.


When compared to the Minelayer:

  • Mine Lifespan is decreased to 17.5 seconds.
  • Bullet Damage is decreased.



Compared to fellow Minelayer upgrade the Fragmenteer, the Gas Bomb is more defensive in terms of playstyle, behaving more like the Fume Sprayer in terms of attack methods. Drone Classes are easy to destroy, as the gas can destroy all drones on contact and potentially the Drone using tank as well. Necromancers are especially vulnerable to this as their drones have low health, AND they cannot make drones by themselves.


This class shares weaknesses with its predecessor, and compared to the Fragmenteer, it's attack power is relatively lower, so snipe away or spam away!


  • The second tank to use "gas traps". The first is the Fume Sprayer.