The Ghost is an AI-controlled Boss in has a chance of spawning 10-14 minutes after the server starts and 15-24 minutes after the death of the previous Boss. It remains invisible until it gets close to a player, then begins shooting its ammunition.


The Ghost is a large translucent Pentagon. It has five Pillbox Launchers which overlap slightly visible Cannons, and a Mounted Turret with three Cannons. The central Cannon shoots small Snakes.


The Ghost has a faster Auto Spin on at all times.

Since it is a boss, it has 3000 HP. It will not attack players under level 15, and will not reveal itself to them.

The Ghost wanders around the map at a somewhat fast speed. It is invisible, intangible, and consistently regenerates health, but does not attack.

If a player gets within 7/8 of a Basic's FoV of the Ghost, it becomes visible. It will start shooting Pillboxes and Hives at a somewhat fast rate, and it will begin aiming at and shooting players with its Turret.

If it kills all surrounding players, or if all surrounding players get out of its range, it will stop attacking and turn invisible again.


  • Strong against: Unfocused players, everything that doesn't have a very high DPS/RoF
  • Weak against: High DPS/RoF tanks, fast tanks, alert players

Against the Ghost

  • The Ghost is somewhat fast, and shoots ammunition that shoots back. Be careful and shoot past the cracks in its defenses.
  • Drone users and Destroyers will have a hard time contending with the ammunition spam of this boss.
  • If the Ghost is targeting a player but then that player leaves its range, it will go invisible unless there is another player nearby, in which case it will change targets to that other player. If the player is stuck between the Ghost and an enemy, they should use this trait to their advantage.
  • Tri-Angles will be able to outspeed the Ghost and retreat to safety.
  • Bullet spammers like Triplet and Gunner are good at contending with the weak ammunition of this boss. Shoot it from a distance through the cracks in its defense, and it shall eventually die.


  • Is a Pentagon because of the Pentagon Nest.
  • One of the few diiep bosses on the wiki if I am correct.
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