Once a warrior, always a warrior. Once honoured, always honoured. Once feared, always feared...

Ghostlight Warrior is a boss that can spawn in any game-mode, including Maze, where other bosses normally do not spawn in. It has a 1% chance to spawn when a tank lower than level 30 is killed. Created by Fall Out Wave.


Ghostlight Warrior is (mostly) a large floating greyish blue helmet with its eyepiece flipped up, a yellow crest (shape not visible from the main picture's angle) and metal plates aligned at the front. Under the helmet is nothing except for blackness, except a pair of bright blue eyes that always glare directly at the player's tank. It will be looking at different tanks if viewed from multiple players, but from a single person's view, it will be only glaring at you...

At the sides of the helmet are 2 hands, the same shade of grey/blue the helmet is. Each hand has a thumb and 3 fingers, the same colour as the eyes. The left hand is clenched in a fist and the right grips a large sword the same length as the helmet if not longer. The sword's hilt and guard is a shade of green not found anywhere else on the boss, and the blade is the same shade of light blue, while also glowing light blue. Connecting the hands and main body is a light blue smoke that also leaves behind a wispy trail.


Ghostlight Warrior is able to phase through Maze walls, and if it spawns in Maze it can and will use it to its advantage. When it does spawn, it will always be in the dead centre of the map, looking like a lifeless helmet, sword and pair of gauntlets lying on the floor. Once any tank tries to attack it, it awakens and takes on its glowing, spirit-like appearance.

The Fight

Once awakened, Ghostlight Warrior will patrol the arena at a surprisingly high speed, faster than that of the Fallen Booster. Base Protectors will not attack it and they, along with Polygons will pass right through it. It is also neutral by default and will not attack unless provoked. However, there are three things it attacks and chases after relentlessly: Players who kill tanks that are 15 levels lower than they are, spawn-killers, and teamers in supposedly non-team gamemodes.

Ghostlight Warrior is invincible most of the time, and can only be hurt when it uses an attack. Usually, when it is fighting, it uses an attack every 5-10 seconds. Also, it can be only hurt from the front; not the back or sides. Attacks last for 5 seconds each.

  • Heavy Slam: Slams its blade into its target, doing heavy damage and possibly instantly killing it outright.
  • Chase Strike: Jabs its blade at targets 6 times in quick succession. While each jab does relatively low damage, it is usually used to ward off lots of tanks with low health.
  • Wallbreaker: Slashes a tank, and deals damage worth the tank's maximum amount of health times (points in body damage x10)%. Almost exclusively used on rammers, for obvious reasons.
  • Backbite: Appears to not do anything, except if it is attacked. Then the same animation for Heavy Slam is used, and even heavier damage is dealt.
  • Illusion Block: Summons a golden shield that reflects all ammunition and holds it in front of itself.
  • Soul Drain: Its sword glows a bright Pentagon blue, and it stabs a tank. The affected tank takes no damage, but it deals no damage (bullet or body) until it dies.
  • Leech: Its sword glows red and it slashes a wide area, dealing damage to all attacking tanks nearby, and healing itself for half the damage it dealt. Ghostlight Warrior cannot heal other than using this attack.
  • Spirit Blast: Swings its sword in an arc and sends 5 fast, homing Dominator bullets at the closest tanks. Heavy damage guaranteed!

Death animation

The death animation is the exact opposite from that of its awakening animation; its blade and fingers lose their glow while its eyes and smoke binding its helmet and gauntlets fade away. After that, the pieces of armour fall to the ground, once again lifeless.


Ghostlight Warrior rewards its killer with 250000 XP and it also grants a helmet similar to that of the Ghostlight Warrior itself, positioned on the tank like a Winged Hussar. Said tank's spawn protection also lasts indefinitely until the tank moves or shoots for the rest of the play session.


Ghostlight Swordsman original design

The companion's design in said discontinued game, whose name roughly translated into "Ghostlight Warrior".

  • HATES spawn-killers and teamers.
    • Does NOT hate Teamerz.
  • Ghostlight Warrior is based off a companion from a game that I really liked (See image). Unfortunately the game was discontinued and I decided to immortalise the companion here.
  • If left alone, can be completely harmless as long as no one teams or spawn-kills.
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