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Gingy(!) is a polygon boss tank added on Christmas (Eve). It is based off of Gingerbread. It is power by the magic of Christmas, having its ability being whatever you want it to be! Ginger features Seven Cannons, one being a Machine Gun, and Two Flamethrowers.

Ginger can spawn wherever you want it to spawn.


Ginger features a body shaped like an elongated Squirle. Mounted on the front are Four small Cannons, and mounted on the back is a Machine Gun Cannon. Mounted on the sides are Two Flamethrowers.


Ginger can be anything you want. Add attacks yourself and possible phases. Consider this my gift to you :)

Ginger features 6,000 health, which is twice the regular health for most boss tanks. Upon being defeated/destroyed, Ginger will drop 60,000 EXP to the player who had defeated Parker Square, which will immediately raise a tank to level 45. Ginger will regenerate 40 health per second if Parker Square is left alone for 60 seconds. Ginger has the body damage of a Square. Ginger also has the movement speed of a maxed out Booster.

Phase 1


Ginger's idle state is when no enemy to fight isn't around. It will randomly wander in the arena and won't attack unless provoked.

If an enemy appears in a distance (has the FoV of a assassin) it will attack the enemy with its weapons it carries.

  • BAKE: Ginger's flamethrowers will activate and will attempt to burn them alive while randomly facing at different directions at high speeds. During this attack, it's body will heat up and glow a reddish-orange aura around its self. Touching the boss by body damage will cause the player to get a burn de-buff, so watch out! When it reaches 15% of its health it uses this in hopes of getting the MELT to escape the fight it's in and will say "Run, run, run as fast as you can! you can't catch me, cuz i'm the GINGER BREAD POLYGON!" (this attack lasts for 10 seconds).
  • HEY, I GOT SOME PRESENTS FOR YA': Ginger creates 1-2 presents in one of his sides and throws it at a group of players. They come in three variants: Explosives, Frost, and Flash Bang. Explosive presents explode when it is near to a player. It will set them on fire for 1.5 seconds, and significantly pushes players back, dealing 135 damage. They have a base color of black and the ribbons are in red. Frost presents will push back players far away from each other, freezing them by 1 second, slows them down for 4 seconds, and dealing only 25 damage. It has a base color of cyan and the ribbons have a white color. Flash Bang presents will blind players for 8 seconds as the screen fades to normal vision but does very little knockback and only deals 5 damage. the base has a grey color and the ribbons have a black color.
  • AFTER-BURN: (there's a 50\50 chance) After the BAKE attack has finished, it's body will darken and get cracks all over it. This will give the boss a 35% damage reduction but will slow it down by 15%. (This attack will last for 30 seconds)
  • MELT: (there's a 50\50 chance) After the BAKE attack has finished, it's body will lighten and the sides get a little distorted but still maintaining it's ordinary shape. It will lose a bit of health (500 Hp) and leave's a trail of melted goo into the ground looking like the boss's lightened color and will reduce the player's speed by 10% and lose 10 Hp per second if your inside the trail. It will lose 15% percent of its resistance but gains speed by 25%. Touching the boss will still burn you but it's less effective. (This attack will last for 15 seconds).
  • SASSAFRAS RUINS DIEPIO WIKI: Will scream various quotes from Sassafras. This deals damage to the nearest tank.
  • EVERGREEN SPEARS: When 2 or more tanks are in sight, Ginger will summon 2-3 Evergreen Trees that carries one battle ship spawner in the back and throws it at them, one after another. Each one has 320 HP and deal high penetration and medium damage. When spawned, they start off at the speed of an XL crasher but slowly increases to that of a small crasher in 3 seconds. There is a 25% chance that one will spawn with bulbs around it which leaves behind a trail of de-buffs in random spots. Another has a 5% chance to spawn with a star on top of it, giving it the ability to follow other targets but gets a 20% speed reduction in the process.
  • SUGAR OVERDRIVE: After reaching 50% of its HP, Ginger summons a load of Christmas candies and eats them all up. He begins to shake radically and slightly heals him by 75 HP. he gains an INSANE boost in fire rate, speed, special attack rate, etc. but he can't control what he's doing as he moves to random places and is unable to stay locked on to one target. He also gains new special attacks as this happens. This will stop after he reaches to his second phase.
  • Hurricane Storm: Ginger will almost immediately choose a group of players as he charges his back cannons and dashes straight at their current location as he begins to spin like crazy and sprays bullets and fire everywhere. He slowly gains speed and begins to move to other groups to deal as much damage as possible.
  • Forest of Evergreen Spears: Ginger will create 5 waves of Evergreen Spears all over him and then sends them all out at once at a rapid rate as they all have increased stats. They still have a chance to have added features to them though.
  • Over Excite-Mint: Ginger will create groups of excited Mints that will ram into players dealing 78 damage on impact and adds a slow de-buff that slows them down for 4 seconds. Some in the color of green will protect Ginger and has better stats than their red counterparts.

Phase 2

Ginger will enter phase 2 when it reaches 35% of its Hp. Ginger's resistance will slightly decrease by 14% and will attack anything in sight, it also gets the ability to transform squares of ANY type into looking like his shape and color that will fight for him (but bosses), this means that Nest Defenders WILL be affected by this. Ginger's body begins to form cracks that glow in red and green in a synchronized manner.

  • EAT THEM-BULBS: Ginger's gunner cannons will start glowing in red, green, and white and shoots bulbs (teardrop shaped bullets) onto players. they explode upon impact and 12 slow moving bullets are sent out flying to deal extra damage. the bulbs come in 3 colors depending on the gunner cannon's color; green bulbs inflicts a poison de-buff, red bulbs inflicts a burn de-buff, and white bulbs inflict blindness. Keep in mind that these de-buffs can stack up in effectiveness...(This attack lasts for 20 seconds while bulb de-buffs last for 5 seconds)
  • FROSTING: Ginger summons an orange portal that creates a knife full of white frosting and covers Ginger in white frosting. Ginger gains a 7% resistance and when touched will inflict a slowness de-buff for 3 seconds. This is also a permanent ability BUT there's a catch, it has 1,500 Hp with the 7% resistance buff and can be destroyed. When it takes a certain amount of damage parts of the frosting will chip away, decreasing it's resistance from 0.5% to 0.9%. (This ability is permanent but can be destroyed)
  • CIRCLE OF DEATH: Ginger's back machine gun will turn reddish blue and start shooting like crazy and creates burn inflicting bluish bullets that deals high damage and mid penetration (going to the back now is like asking for a death wish) this propels Ginger even faster than usual but chips away it's Hp for how DANG HOT IT IS and leaves a goo like substance like that of MELT but gives you the burn de-buff that lasts for 15 seconds dealing 23 damage which is MUCH more than enough to kill a lvl 45 tank (rammers, beware). It also gives Ginger a tactic to encircle you as it leaves a track of goo similar to how Slither.io works. (this attack lasts for 15 seconds)
  • EVERGREEN SPEARS II: In Phase 2, Ginger will now summon 3-6 Evergreen trees and gains a 5% in spawn chance along with a new variant which has a 10% chance to replace an already existing variant. Simply put: it's just a variant with both combinations...
  • HEY, I GOT SOME MORE PRESENT FOR YA' TOO: He can now create 2-3 presents at the same time. Their stats increases by 15% and the duration is increased by 1.5 extra seconds. Plus a new variant that has a 1% chance to spawn called "The Christmas Gift". It spawns a mini boss golden star that glows with silver stripes coming from the edges of the star until it's close to the center and forms a smaller star. It's slightly smaller than an alpha pentagon and has 2,800 HP and gives you 28,000 EXP upon death. It carries five battle ship spawners, one in each concave point, five flame-burst barrels in the edges of the star, and has a sentry auto cannon in the center.
  • Solar Beam: The edges of the Golden Star slightly splits open, along with the flame-burst cannons, and shoots out small beams of light that deals very high penetration and medium damage. Lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Asteroid Shield: The golden Star creates a large and compact ring of asteroids, meteors, and unstable meteors (a kind of spiky but vibrantly colorful weak explosive trap that follows a player, dealing huge damage and little penetration). Asteroids will simply protect the star until it is destroyed. Meteors directly target players when they're at their FoV by slowly breaking off of their orbit and then quickly following the closest player. Unstable meteors do the same thing, but it has a certain point where it has to return to its orbit.
  • Meteor Shower: It slowly begins to spin rapidly and starts to flash as a series of portals rain down meteors in a large area in one direction at a fast pace, creating 16 meteors per second and lasts for 4 seconds. Some of them will split up into smaller pieces called meteorites, dealing chip damage.
  • Stellar Birth: The Golden Star spews out chunks of gas and dust with sizes smaller than an alpha pentagon and bigger than a beta pentagon. They slowly turn into glowing stars that has 500 HP and deals 15 damage on contact. They constantly spin at a quick rate and either guards the creator by circling around it or by simply ramming into someone. They have a chance to create meteors and asteroids once in a while.
  • REINFORCE-MINTS: Ginger will create a group of 17-35 Mints with a random chance of being green or red that carries certain weapons and has their own uses. Generally he would do this if lots of players are around but he can do this whenever he wants to but can only be used twice. Red variants are aggressive and has more attack power but less HP while the green variants are more defensive and has better body stats but loses some of their weapons.
  • Vortex Mint: Red variant- Has 8 small gunner cannons curved clockwise while the body turns counter-clockwise. Has 125 HP with quick speed while the cannons have low penetration, high damage and fast fire rate. It will run into a group of players at a fast speed and try to split them up. Used to make it easier for Ginger to pick them out one by one with out having to take loads of damage at once. Green variant- loses half of its speed and canons but gets a large increase to HP and range. Can be used to snipe out certain players out of range to make space for Ginger to move around.
  • Over Dose-Mint: Red variant- Has three spawners spaced evenly with high damage, medium penetration and medium speed with 1 battle ship spawners each in those spaces that have high speed, low damage and high penetration. The body has 215 HP and has slow movement speed. It can be used to take out strong tanks that can be a serious threat to Ginger. Green variant- Loses two normal spawners and deals more damage as the last is now at the front while the smaller ones has five of them instead of three and has the formation similar to the pentashot and has increased HP and slower reload. It can be used to support other Mints and protect Ginger from incoming ammunition. (go add some more variants yourself, it will be appreciated :3
  • (recommended variants: trapper variant and rammer variant. add anything you want. it doesn't matter if you finished those two anyways.)

Death Animation

Ginger's body will begin to break apart as more and more cracks appear, he gradually slows down and starts screaming in a cartoonish voice and explodes into pieces that can also be destroyed for extra score points. It also leaves a present depending on how many players fought this boss as a team *cough* MG's *cough* it rewards you some extra stat points and possibly giving you the option to add a cannon or spawner to your tank as you wish.


  • My present to you :3
  • XoundwaveX AKA: W{\d.i[] - For almost 2 months I haven't figured out the abilities for phase 2 until now and I'm quite happy on how it turned out to be. and thank you for the present Tacocat247, I appreciate it :D
  • If it weren't obvious enough, the "Golden Star" is kinda a ripoff of Binderstar... And I was planning on making more special attacks for the "Golden Star" but since it's a mini-boss, it was reduced down to only having 4 basic attacks. also! if you want to, you could use some of its attacks as a reference to make for Binderstar <3
    • Hey, You're welcome!
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