The Gladiator is a member of the massive Lancer branch and upgrades from the Bastion at level 45. It may not upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


The Gladiator has a slightly shorter lance than the Lancer and two tiny Lancers beside it, one on each side. There is a drone spawner on its back.


This tank spawns those two tiny Lancers beside from the spawner in the back. Left click causes the left tiny Lancer to be jabbed forward, then come back. Right click does the same thing, except for the right Lancer. Holding down both mouse buttons at the same time causes both Lancer minions to be jabbed in a spot in front of the main tank. Once spawned, the minions don't follow your cursor or move around, they just spin with the tank (the entire system moves, not each tank individually.) Holding both mouse buttons at the same time for more than 3 seconds will cause the tank to perform a charge with all three lances pointing forward.


  • This tank was partly inspired by Zathsu's Royale.

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