"Beware of the one who sleeps in the shadows, that old nightmare was not your imagination..."


The third son of The Entity, and the second strongest of them, also known as Grabthulhu, is an evil creature that only awakens every 10,000 years or when it is sommoned, and torments everything in his path, until defeated.

Myths say that Grabthulhu's power is so immense that it is capable of causing nightmares and controlling minds even in its deep sleep.


Grabthulhu is a boss that can only be summoned by placing eight polygon grabbers that absorbed eight red EXP balls around an Alpha Pentagon, the grabbers will then connect their tentacles in to each other, consume the Alpha pentagon and fuse together in to a metallic ball, then shape iself in to the Grabthulhu.


Grabthulhu has a big metallic robot body, the size of an Alpha pentagon, with a big eye turret on the center, that glows red and can randomly look at tanks and polygons, two dragon wings on the top left and the top right, and eight long segmented tentacles, similar to the polygon grabber tentacles, but with a sharp end.


Grabthulhu moves around with its wings randomly with the speed of a fallen booster, and grabbs the closest polygons and tanks. When both of the wings are destroyed, it will drift around like a polygon, with the speed of a pentagon, and every time a tentacle is destroid, it will move faster, and the others will attack more ferociously.

It is unable to regenerate by itself, but when grabbing something with its tentacles or touching something, it will absorb it's HP, and use it to regenerate the body. The destroyed wings and tentacles will regenerate themselves over time.

The body can only take damage if at least one of the wings is destroyed, and it can only die if both wings are destroyed and the body reaches 0HP.


  • Grabthulhu will use it's tentacles to grab everything close to it, including bosses, and when they die, it will chose to completely absorb and regenerate HP, or if it is strong enough, the body will be reanimated with an AI that fights for and protects Grabthulhu. The reanimated tank will have 3 times the HP, and twice the bullet damage and penetration.
  • If an enemy comes too close to the wings, they will flap, and deal the same damge as a semi-maxed out smasher (9 body damage points).
  • The body itself has low body damage (2 body damage points), but it is well protected by the tentacles and wings.

Against other bosses

  • Grabthulhu will extend the tentacles to the size of the pentagon nest if the enemy is too far away.
  • It will also try to pierce the enemy with the sharp end of the tentacles, dealing a really high amount of damage.


When Grabthulhu is defeated, it will slowly stop moving and the red eye will fade in to black, then it will melt back in to a metallic ball that gets smaller and smaller, to finally explode in to 50 polygon grabbers. the tanks that where reincarnated will also die in the same way that happens when a player disconnects.

When it dies, it also drops the Wrath stone.


  • Grabthulhu is the first Legend of Eternity page to be added.
  • Grabthulgu is based on H.P. Lovercraft's Cthulhu.

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