The Grapeshot is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades at Level 45 from the Splitter.


The Grapeshot looks exactly like the Destroyer except that its barrel is angled outward, somewhat like that of a Machine Gun. However, this only slightly affects its accuracy.



Upon upgrading to the Splitter, stats stay the same, except for an improvement in Bullet Penetration and Damage.


Grapeshot Split Sequence

The Grapeshot's split sequence.

The Grapeshot fires large Destroyer bullets that are slightly improved in Damage and Penetration. Two seconds after firing, the bullets split, spraying dozens of tiny but powerful bullets. These bullets are very fast but last just 1.5 seconds. Most go forward, but there are some in all directions.


Grapeshot Frame

As the Grapeshot

  • At close ranges, the Grapeshot is just as effective as its Destroyer-branch cousins and can be used accordingly. At long ranges, it tends to be very potent.
  • The Grapeshot is superb against Drone classes. At close ranges, the big bullets slice through the Drones, while at long ranges, the tiny bullets devastate the enemy.
  • The Grapeshot is rather weak against concentrated bullet spammers, as its small bullets will not be able to penetrate.
  • The Grapeshot is excellent against Trapper classes. The big bullets smash through the traps, while the small ones have a high chance of getting through.

Against the Grapeshot

  • Players should be wary of the Grapeshot at close ranges, due to its powerful bullets. At long range, players should attempt to get out of the way of the small bullets.
  • Far-away Predators and Rangers can easily kill the Grapeshot, unless the Grapeshot is close at hand.
  • Triplets and Sprayers tend to fare well against Grapeshots due to their concentrated and continuous fire.
  • The Grapeshot has reduced ability compared to the Splitter against tanks like the Ranger and Obscurer, due to its reduced bullet spread.
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