The Grappler is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Basic at Level 45. It cannot upgrade further.


The Grappler has a circular body like most other tanks. It has a Cannon with an orange semicircle sticking out of the end of the cannon.

When firing, this orange semicircle will fire out connected to the initial Cannon by a black wire.


The Grappler's FoV is five times that of a Basic, noticeably larger than the Ranger's. It fires its orange semicircle the length of its FoV, losing momentum over time until it cannot travel any further. It can have only one fired at a time. Upon sticking to anything, the Grappler will abruptly and quickly move in the direction of the object that the Grappler is sticking to and do immense damage on the way, taking little in return. After it has reached the Grappler projectile, this projectile will retreat back into the Cannon, ready to fire again. This tank can move incredibly quickly because of this, and its base Movement Speed is much higher than other tanks. Upon upgrading to the Grappler, all Bullet stats disappear except for Projectile Speed, and each stat can be upgraded to 10 like a Smasher, and points in discarded stats will be refunded.


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