It's a green circle that emits green glow. It has 2 Sniper Barrels on front. On back, it has a Spawner and 2 Barrels near the Spawner. On center of its body, it has an Auto Flank Turret (Auto Turret that has a barrel behind it). It's slightly bigger than a Level 45 Tank.


It has 5% chance to replace a Fallen Booster spawn. It has 6000 Health (Regenerates 10 HP every second) and it gives 6000 XP on death. It reduces damage by 33%. It moves as fast as a firing Level 30 Tri-Angle with 7 points in Movement Speed and Reload. The Spawner and Barrels provide extra recoil. The Spawner spawns green Factory drones (They are as weak as Factory drones with no upgrades). There can't be more than 12 drones at once.


Spawn message: "Grinny came in the server!" (The text is green)


When there is no tank nearby, it will just wander around. If there are tanks, it will try to ram into them (Unless they are Smasher branch). It won't damage polygons.


It can't use the same attack twice.

  • Double Charge - It will release Factory drones until they reach 12, then these drones will fuse into a Smasher, labelled "Charger". Charger will choose a random player and ram into them, then Grinny will charge at the same player. Charger will split into drones again.
  • Armed - It will release Factory drones, then they will fuse into a big Triangle. It's a bit larger than Grinny. Grinny will go to the Triangle then and use one of attacks below. Grinny can still be damaged.
  • Rapid Fire - 3 Barrels will appear at the front of Triangle (Like a Triplet). It will fire bullets VERY quickly at the players. Bullets have low penetration and damage though. Lasts 10 seconds.
  • Strong Fire - An Annihilator barrel will appear at the front of Triangle. It will fire bullets at players then. The barrel has moderate reload. Bullets are slow.
  • Intelligent Fire - A Tank barrel will appear at the front of Triangle. It will fire bullets that change direction towards a tank every 2 seconds. These bullets are slow, but have high penetration and damage.
  • Friendly Fire - There is a 10% chance it will happen. It will fire a bullet that is flashing between green and yellow. This bullet will heal the player it touches fully.

Death Animation

Grinny's weapons retract into body, Grinny itself shakes nervously and in few seconds, it explodes into particles. A quick bullet that deals high damage is fired out at the one who last hitted Grinny. After that, XP is given.

"Grinny has been kicked out!" (Again, text is green)

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