The Guided Torpedo is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Torpedo at level 45 and cannot upgrade further. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Guided Torpedo's barrel has 4 trapezoids as opposed to 3.

Attack methods

The torpedoes now track down the nearest enemy tank. They avoid all obstacles, including Polygons, Maze walls and ammunition. This makes farming nigh-impossible, but makes killing tanks easier.


When upgraded from the Torpedo:

  • Explosion Radius is decreased.
  • Bullet damage is decreased.
  • Reload is increased.



Under no account should you try to farm polygons, for this tank is designed to kill. Just blindly fire in any direction. The torpedoes will avoid everything, so eventually they will hit their intended target. Just remember to look out for Stalkers, Landmines or Managers, because the torpedoes cannot target invisible enemies.


As mentioned above, the only true effective counter to this tank is invisibility. If you are a Triplet, Sprayer or Gunner, try to mess with the AI and create a large bullet swarm.

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