The Gunner Destroyer is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from either Gunner or Destroyer. It does not upgrade any further.


The Gunner Destroyer features a circular body and two Gunner cannons on front. A Destroyer cannon is on the back of the tank.


The Gunner cannons have the same stats with that of the Gunner Trapper. On the other hand, the Destroyer cannon has slightly decreased Bullet Damage. No other stat changes occur.


  • Strong Against: Slow moving tanks, Sniper classes apart from Drone users, Trapper classes.
  • Weak Against: Other Destroyer classes, Overseer classes, High DPS tanks with focused fire.

The Gunner Destroyer has the same big powerful bullets fired by the Destroyer and small yet continuous waves of Gunner bullets. Thus, depending on the player, different strategies can come up with its play style.

When dealing against rammer tanks, the Gunner Destroyer could face its large cannon towards the said tank while escaping. This could allow some chance to deal damage. However, the recoil of the smaller cannons could lessen the recoil of the Destroyer cannon.


  • It is one of the Gunner upgrades that uses only two Gunner cannons with a combination of another weapon.

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