The Guntrapper is a tank that upgrades from the Tri-Angle. It is shoots bullets with a machine gun-like barrel and a normal barrel at the front, then shoots 2 bullets at the back side, then 2 bullets and 2 traps at the side. The back is a defense mechanism.


It has a total of 8 barrels. The barrels are stated above. It also has a slasher (not to be confused with Slasher, an unreleased tank I will release soon) at the back. It looks like the Fighter, but it has more barrels.


A Tier Alpha tank that is only reached at level 45, but achievable when in the top 5 of the leaderboard. This tank increases reload, but decreases in bullet speed and bullet damage. However, body damage is increased.


  • Strong against: Its like and bullet spammers
  • Weak against: Sniper branch

As the Guntrapper

Use the 8 barrels as an advantage, and use the slasher at the side. This technique would work: 3/2/3/5/2/5/3/0.

Against the Guntrapper

Use the Battleship and the like, due to its fast-spawning Protectors.


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