A regular Sassafras Minion that was enhanced with the energies of pure happiness, it is Happyfras who is inspirational to his kind. Happyfras is proud of himself and his race's individuality, and takes to wearing his signature hat in a signature sideways fashion to demonstrate it. He is easily excited, but don't anger him...


Happyfras is a member of the Sassa Club, a club of nine special Sassafras modified by Lord Sassafras to be "messengers" for him. Happyfras will replace a Sassafras spawn somewhere in The Realm as part of a 7-day rotation, and will always spawn with a Sassafras himself. He will spawn with the other seven active members of the Sassa Club every four cycles. Happyfras leads a crowd of Sassafras Minions (in various amounts) to gather much-wanted IE Energy. Happyfras himself is a Sassafras minion modified by Lord Sassafras with the energy of pure happiness, but he has some issues...


Happyfras is a noticeably larger-than-normal (1.5x the size of a normal Sassafras Minion) one-eyed Sassafras Minion with a hat tilted sideways, which is his signature look. Unlike normal Minions, Happyfras has one happy eye that (most of the time) squints happily.


Happyfras's firing style surprisingly doesn't act like a Sassafras minion at all. Instead, the bullets fired by Happyfras explode into 16 very tiny, but very fast bullets that have medium damage on impact with something. Destroyer bullet damage. Happyfras spawns with 50 other regular Sassafras Minions of the one, two and three-eyed variants, with or without hats. Those minions will act like regular Sassafras minions but will circle Happyfras instead of Sassafras, and when attacking, they all will act like the Minion Horde with Happyfras in the middle.

During the battle, Happyfras will say specialized quotes. Happyfras can spawn in any region of the Realm. Upon spawn, he will proceed with his throng of Sassafras Minions to the nearest entity, attacking them. For every enemy or player killed, whether by Happyfras himself or his followers, another Sassafras minion will be created up to a limit of 150 Sassafras minions. For reference, all Sassafras minions, regardless of variety, have their normal 250 health. A notification will appear realm-wide stating that Happyfras has spawned, and a marker of his current location will appear on the Realm minimap. Happyfras will not attack polygons, and will not cause Hexen to come out of his fortress, unlike Sassafras Supreme does if he happens to wander by Hexen's fortress, or any other of the Polygon Disciples' fortresses, for that matter.

Battling Happyfras

Phase 1

Upon encountering a player, Happyfras will redirect all of his minions into chasing the hapless player. Luckily, Sassafras Minions are rather slow and move at the speed of a Summoner. However, their bullets do not, and depending on how many Sassafras Minions are following Happyfras, it can range from a small attack of short-range bullets to a dense bullet wall that gains quickly on the player(s). Additionally, Sassafras minions' bullets do not have much in the ways of penetration, so it is rather easy to spam bullets in and destroy them one by one. The more Sassafras minions there are, the slower the group moves, and vice versa. Any Sassafras and their Sassafras minions or free-standing Sassafras Minions (of the Nest Defender variety, not originating from a Sassafras) within a 150 tile radius of the group will attempt to join Happyfras's crowd, migrating out of their spawn area or nest to achieve that. Happyfras is Invicible (so he cannot be killed early) and does not perform any special attacks until he is down to 10 Sassafras Minions.

Phase 2

Happyfras enters Phase 2 when he has only 10 Sassafras Minions following him (any other Sassafras or Sassafras Minions don't count towards this threshold.) He will come out of Invincibility and start performing attacks, and his happy expression will occasionally change to an angry one while he performs his attacks. Any of his ten remaining Sassafras Minions, if destroyed, will be instantly recreated somewhere around Happyfras. If he kills a player, he spawns 3 more Sassafras Minions that can be destroyed. If he gains above 20 Sassafras Minions, he will return to Phase 1, create 20 more Sassafras Minions for a total of 40 and heal all of his health.


  • Madder Hatter: A Sassafras Minion takes off Happyfras's hat, and a gigantic cloud of bullets will fire from the hat. There is a 25% chance for the Sassafras Minion to put on the hat. If that happens, the Sassafras Minion in question will quickly be transformed into Happyfras, while the original Happyfras turns into a regular Sassafras Minion. Basically, they switch bodies and HP.
  • 1% Pulse: Happyfras will start shooting a lot of lasers from IN BETWEEN his eye. The lasers die after they go the distance of 20 background units, and each do 20 damage per second.
  • 10% Pulse: This attack happens after 1% Pulse. A faint humming sound will play, and the attack will be amplified by 40%.
  • L O U D Pulse: This attack happens after 10% Pulse. The sound of an extremely loud bass drum will play in the background while this attack is in use. The attack is amplified by 25%.
  • HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPYFRAS: Happyfras spins in a circle, spraying bullets everywhere. His minions get into a decagon arrangement around him and start spinning like crazy as well. Lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Star Shape: Happyfras's minions arrange themselves into the 10 points of a pentagram (a five-pointed star.) They rotate around Happyfras, moving in and out between the two pentagons formed by the points.
  • Sassafras Snek: Happyfras moves to the front of a line formed by his minions. All the minions go Invincible, except for Happyfras, and move in a serpentine fashion at frightening speed, ramming into players while they are still firing bullets (spinning around while still moving.) Happyfras controls the snake, and will occasionally charge up a dash in a figure-eight pattern or do a loop charge in an unpredictable direction.
  • Minion Blast: Happyfras groups his minions around him, then they all go flying in different directs while spinning before they return to him.
  • Sass Spin: Happyfras summons a Sassafras and has it rotate around him, protecting him from damage. Once 7 seconds have passed, the Sassafras explodes into 10 destroyable Sassafras Minions.
  • Rage: Happyfras gets angry, and starts firing bullets that inflict Burning for 2 seconds on contact. All of his Sassafras Minions get the angry expression as well, and their bullets do the same. This lasts for 8 seconds.
  • BETWEEN MY FRIENDLY EYE: Happyfras fires out six yellow beams from his eyes that auto-lock onto whatever or whoever of his enemies are closest to him, whether it be drone, polygon, enemy, or player. These lasers have a fixed damage rate of 15 HP every half second and last for 3 seconds. If a player manages to get out of the lasers' medium range, the lasers will no longer target said player.
  • Squinty Squint: Happyfras squints into his happy expression, laughing as he charges up a massive fireball the size of a Sassafras in front of him. Happyfras's eye fires a yellow laser bolt into the fireball, causing it to explode into 10 Destroyer-sized bullets that inflict medium damage and Burning on contact for 3 seconds.
  • BAI BAI: Performed at 500 health. Happyfras goes Invincible, his eye turns blue, and a tan portal appears above him. He and his Sassafras Minions will vanish into the portal as it closes, and leave behind 15 Sassafras Hats on the ground. Players can pick these up and wear them.

Battling Sassafras JR and Happyfras (Realm of Sassafras)

In Hesperia, specifically Arethusa, Sassafras JR and Happyfras function as the Area Boss for that region. It's a friendly battle, but a battle nonetheless.

Phase 3


Happyfras and Sassafras JR in Phase 3.

Happyfras and Sassafras JR both start with their Phase 1s, minions and all. However, when both reach 0 HP, they enter a new Phase 3 exclusive to their double battle. In Phase 3, Sassafras JR has an additional 20,000 health and Happyfras has an additional 17,000 health. They can use all their previous attacks from their Phase 2s, in addition to new ones below (Sassafras JR's are listed on his page.)

Happyfras's eye turns red and his hat is tattered from all the fighting. He's an Angryfras now, heh heh.

Sassafras JR does not spawn his fallen Sassafras Supreme in Phase 2 during this battle, but both Happyfras and Sassafras JR do get their respective entourages of Sassafras Minions in Phase 1. Happyfras's Minions remain with him in Phase 3, and follow the same mechanics as Phase 2.


  • ANGERYFRAS: Happyfras's passive ability. Happyfras deals 35% increased damage with all attacks, but his accuracy is reduced by 10%.
  • Unnerving Aura: JR's passive ability. He has an aura around him that randomly inflicts Panic on players for 2-5 seconds, often when he is performing an attack.
  • Multibash: JR spins his arms wildly around him as he dashes within players to hit them at least 3 times for medium damage each.
  • Rager Laser: Happyfras blasts a rapid stream of red lasers from his angry eye. These bounce for medium damage on up to 6 targets.
  • Hat Swap: Happyfras tosses his tattered hat to JR, who puts it on. The hat's eyes glow a blinding yellow as dense traps start being manifested out of IE Energy around Happyfras, while 5-9 Legionnaires appear around JR to fight. After both effects have happened, Happyfras retrieves his hat.
  • Hurricane Smash: JR grapples 3 players in with his top-mounted turrets and bashes them multiple times, dealing very high damage.
  • Happyfarts: Happyfras releases a massive amount of IE Energy out of his rear end that propels him forward a great distance, usually into JR. If it isn't JR, he will just deal damage to anyone in his path for 40 tiles before coming to a stop. If it's JR, he will catch Happyfras and fling him into the air, where Happyfras spins around, spraying clouds of small bullets that inflict Spiced on contact and medium damage.
  • Minionize: Happyfras turns 4 players into invincible Sassafras Minions and forces them to dance around him and absorb damage for 30 seconds, before returning them to normal.
  • Cone of Flames: JR slams his three arms together with all of them facing forward, combining them into a flamethrower-like weapon that shoots green fire outwards at players, inflicting both Burning and Spiced for 8 seconds, as well as high damage. Lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Hyper Freem: Happyfras jams himself into one of JR's spawners, and JR fires a very wide laser beam using Happyfras that instantly kills on contact.
  • Sassa Strike: JR manifests a trophy with a miniature Lord Sassafras statue atop it, and puts it down in front of him. The statue comes to life as a tiny Lord Sassafras, uses one of his Phase 7 attacks, and disappears.
  • Grip Slam: JR grabs 5 players, jams them together into a clump, and blasts a dark orange pulse laser at them to deal high damage and break the clump.
  • Giga Spiral: Happyfras spins rapidly as he fires bullets at 500% his normal reload rate. Any Minions, whether they belong to Happyfras or JR, will do this exact same attack, making it very dangerous. The bullets deal very low damage and are slow-moving, though.

"Death" Animation

When either Happyfras or JR reaches 0 HP, the one who reached 0 HP first will look at the other, whose eye flashes and teleports the other away, presumably to recuperate in their residence. If it is Happyfras, he will thank players and vanish, his eye returning to his usual happy expression and fixing his hat. If it is JR, he bows to the players for the training battle and does a flying leap into the air, jumping away somewhere.


  • "Face the wall and T O U C C it with your nose."
  • "*Internally screaming excitedly*"
  • "Clap along if you know like happiness is the truth!"
  • "Happy, happy, HAPPYFRAS!"
  • "We will, we will, SPICE IT!" (Said with the chorus of his Minion followers)
  • "Humming Hat in the Ring"


  • The first of the Sassa Club to be created, marking a big addition to the Extended Tale of Diep.
  • The gathering of entities' IE energy and process of transforming it into more Sassafras Minions by Happyfras is the exact same process of which Hesperians (used to) replicate themselves, just on a much smaller scale.
  • Happyfras is in a relationship with Zelena, the logistics of which are better not explored.
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