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The Hardscope is a Level 60 Tank. It upgrades from the Ranger and cannot upgrade further.


This tank, like its predecessor features a long barrel out front. It also adds in a mini rectangle that is close to the body that mimics a scope. The scope fires a mini laser sight that is the same color as that user's body however, this laser is for aesthetics only. The barrel is also slightly wider.


This is probably one of the most complicated tanks in the game as it adds many new things when it upgrades. First and foremost, the FoV increases to the size of Ranger, giving a higher line of sight for the player to observe. It also gains a unique Radar ability that tracks the movement of the five closest tanks in the area while also turning the mini map in the bottom right hand corner to a radar that tracks all tanks in the top 10. In contrast however, the movement speed decreases even more and the reload takes 33% longer than the Ranger. That being said, its high damage per shot makes it a true foe to watch out for on the battle field and a champion that will help you climb the leaderboard with ease.


An example of the radar system. Notice the color indicators

Possibly one of the most revolutionary features in the game, radar is a way to track tanks other than the leader. Similar to the leader arrow, radar would help track and point to the 5 closest players that are level 30 and above closest to your current position. They would be color coordinated so you know which tanks are your friends and which ones are your enemies. They would even display their names right under the arrows signifying which player it actually is.

The mini map in the bottom right corner would also be turned into a radar, giving a total position of all level 30 plus tanks in the game, signifying what team they are on by boxes that are colored like their tank.


The scope uses a laser sight technology. Normally, the extension of the laser would only be roughly 4 squares in front of the barrel but, when a tank is directly in the line of fire fire to the barrel the beam will extend to any tank with a range that goes slightly beyond the point of view. The beam however, will not do any damage as it is for indication use only. The scope will also use the zoom feature as seen on the Predator, helping the player track tanks with ease.


Strong Against: Low rate of fire tanks, Destroyer Branch, Tanks with a Low FoV

Weak Against: Bullet Spammers, Tri-Angle Branch, Overseer Branch

As the Hardscope

  • Focus on keeping your tank around the edges of the pentagon nest, as this is the prime location for many tanks to reside. Make sure to especially use your radar to your advantage when aiming and shooting
  • Make sure to spend many upgrade points maximizing reload, as this tank suffers dramatically from a reload loss. With more reload, its highly penetrative bullets can reach deep into enemy territory with high frequency
  • Avoid all bullet spammers by using your high FoV. Make sure to keep a close eye on other players, as they may be primed and ready to attack an unsuspecting you. The best course of action is to stay away from other tanks in general and use your range to your advantage.

Against the Hardscope

  • Use the Tri-Angle branch tanks to simply overwhelm the Hardscope. Due to its speed and reload nerf, it will be a cake walk to take one of these tanks down, as long as you have a lot of health and regen.
  • Using any bullet spammers, like with the rest of the Sniper Branch, will overwhelm its reload and engulf any bullets that come from it. Be careful, as the bullets from Hardscope pack a big punch so don't get hit!
  • Use drones to flank it on all sides, killing the player. Be careful as the radar feature will track the exact location of the tank's body so it is strongly advised to not attack this tank no matter what the circumstance may be.
  • The best strategy one could use is to rush the Hardscope and kill him at close range.
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