The Harpoon is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Torpedo at level 45 and cannot upgrade further. Created by Fall Out Wave. Art by Tungster24.


There are only 2 stacked trapezoids instead of 3. There is an arrow-like entity at the end of the barrel.

Attack methods

The Harpoon loses its torpedo launcher in favour of a harpoon launcher. It fires a harpoon that is connected to the launcher via a cord. Said harpoon, like a torpedo, can go on forever until it hits something. This tank behaves very similarly to the Griever, as it launches it's harpoon with left click, entities stuck to the harpoon slowly take body damage, and you can yank whatever's stuck to the harpoon towards you. There are some differences however. First, yanking is left-clicking again as opposed to right-clicking. Second, tanks cannot escape your grip. Third, you are able to sever the cord via right-clicking. Don't worry, the harpoon will reload 5 seconds later. A severed harpoon that is not yet connected to anything will act like a standard torpedo, gong forward until it hits something. But when it hits something or when the cord is severed when there is already something stuck to it, it sticks to the thing and explodes 3 seconds after impact with the force of a Mega Torpedo, most likely destroying the target and anything in nearby vacancy.

Note that if a harpoon that is not detached comes into contact with the enemy base, it will get stuck there. So don't do that. Cutting the cord while the harpoon is connected to the base will result in a tiny explosion at the enemy base.


When upgraded from the Torpedo:

  • Body Damage is increased.
  • Bullet Speed is increased.
  • Explosion Radius is renamed Yank Distance. This affects how close a tank is yanked towards you.
  • Bullet Damage is renamed Yank Damage.
  • Reload is decreased.
  • Movement Speed is decreased.



This tank is quite versatile. You can do a harpoon-based build, which focuses on Yank Damage and Body Damage; you can do a body-based build which focuses on Yank Distance, Body Damage, Max Health and Movement Speed; you can also do an explosion-based build which focuses on Reload.


As versatile as it is, this tank is also very unpredictable. One second it could be dragging you towards a boss, then it could be detaching it's harpoon and leaving you to die a fiery death. The recommended counter would be using a high Reload tank like the Streamliner.
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