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The Heart Of Darkness is a power-up in that gives you a boost in movement speed, reload, damage, and max health, while giving you a passive score increase and making you 25% bigger. Idea by aDeformedPickle.

One heart to rule them all
Use a Heart Of Darkness

How To Acquire

To get the Heart Of Darkness, you must have the following in one game.

  • 5 Kills
  • 2 lvl 45 kills
  • 3 lvl 15 or below kills
  • Bullets shot to bullets hit ratio less than 2:1 (for every 2 bullets shot, at least 1 has to hit)
  • Heart of Darkness is not active on anyone else
  • Killed a boss

If all of those things are true, then you should see a little flashing heart above the minimap. Click this heart to activate the HoD!


Movement Speed

The HoD gives you a 50% Movement Speed increase.


If you have 0 Reload, you shoot as fast as full reload. If you have full reload, you shoot as fast as if you had 14 stats in Reload.


The HoD gives you a 150% damage increase.

Max Health

The HoD gives you a 400% health increase.


The HoD nerfs your bullet speed by 25% and since you are bigger, you are hit more easily.

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