Heavy Gunner is a level 60 class by GameOver2016. It upgrades from Auto Gunner at level 60, and boasts an heavier arsenal of weapons.


It includes a circular body with 5 barrels on the front and 2 Spawners in the side. It also features an Auto Turret in the middle for extra firepower.


The Heavy Gunner is, basically, an upgraded version of Auto Gunner. It features an extra Barrel right in the space between the barrels the Auto Gunner had. Probrably it's biggest feature, it also has 2 spawners on the sides, which can provide 2 Drones (similar to Hybrid and Overtrapper) for defence.


Strong Against: Body Damage based tanks, slow tanks, Auto Tanks.

Weak Against: Tanks with high Bullet Penetration/Speed.


  • This tank was created almost as an accident: It's main purpose was to be a Factory branch.
  • It was the second tank to be created in the 'GameOver's Tier 5 tanks' series, and the first to be made in Fantasy Tank Builder.
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