The Heavy Machine Gun (or HMG) is a Tier 4 Upgrade from the Light Machine Gun and can be selected at Level 45. It cannot upgrade further.


The Heavy Machine Gun features a circular base like most other tanks. A single trapezoidal Cannon protrudes from the front, overlapped by a rectangular base. The HMG also features two slender triangles spaced out equally from the center Cannon and one triangle on its back to make the tank look like it is mounted on a tripod.  


The Heavy Machine Gun has increased Reload and bullet stats compared to the Light Machine Gun, but it in fact has comparatively decreased spread, making it more accurate than its predecessor. The HMG does not have recoil.


  • Strong Against: Anything with spread fire that isn't a Penta Shot, low-medium RoF, unskilled Drone users, rammers.
  • Weak Against: Destroyer classes, highly mobile classes e.g. Fighter, concentrated DPS classes such as the Triplet, Gunner-class tanks, and Factory, very skilled Drone users, being approached from the back.

As the Heavy Machine Gun

  • The Heavy Machine Gun has excellent bullets and suffers no recoil. This denies it from being useful as a rammer, but allows it to be one of the most potent ranged attackers in the game.
  • The HMG has surprisingly focused fire considering the strength and speed of the bullets it shoots. This allows it to attack from a considerable distance compared to the Light Machine Gun.
  • HMGs should simply spray at their enemies. The slight spread the HMG has should do the job of dealing with spread fire and blocking off most immediate escape routes an enemy tank could use.
  • The HMG's powerful bullets can break through any defense that isn't fully focused. Don't hesitate to engage in combat with other Machine Gun-class tanks.
  • Similarly, the HMG can break through any bullets that aren't powerful enough to destroy its own, such as the Streamliner's or those from an Auto Turret.
  • The HMG can destroy enemy Drones before it can die. However, the time this takes will allow enemy Drone users to replenish their supply, thus effectively locking both combattants in a stalemate until one escapes.
  • The HMG can chase enemies down while firing at them due to its complete lack of recoil.

Against the Heavy Machine Gun

  • It is advised to always keep away from a Heavy Machine Gun. Though attempting to dodge its spread out bullet stream can be difficult, it's better than being mowed down by its sheer DPS at close range.
  • A fast focused fire tank such as a Triplet or Auto-Gunner can take down a HMG with its superior focus and similar shots.
  • Most classes are unable to take down a HMG but can stall relatively well against it from a distance. If the player is not using a focused fire or Destroyer class tank, it is advised to never fight a HMG if not necessary.
  • Despite its impressive firepower, the HMG is very single directional and cannot handle multiple opponents from multiple directions at once. If an enemy is busy battling a HMG, it is possible to swoop in and pick off the HMG while it is distracted.
  • The HMG is ironically a good counter to itself. This usually depends on who has the better luck, but attempting to spray bullets in the way of the enemy HMG's path may be able to whittle it down to death.
    • The Sprayer, while less efficient due to the HMG's ability to barricade the Sprayer's bullets out of existence, can still perform this strategy given enough skill and luck. It also has a few accurate bullets that can eliminate some of the random nature of the HMG counter strategies.
  • The HMG is typically unable to eliminate Destroyer-class bullets until it's too late. These classes are a good counter to the HMG, especially when ambushing.
    • Do not attempt to use a Skimmer or Rocketeer without ambushing the HMG. Their Missiles are too weak to reach the HMG before they are destroyed.
  • A very skilled Drone user can use Repel to surround the HMG, then converge all their Drones on the HMG's location, taking advantage of its inability to fire in multiple directions to destroy it with ease. However, this only works provided the Drone user's Drones have enough health to withstand the HMG's barrage before too many are destroyed to do real damage, and provided that the Drones themselves do enough damage to destroy the HMG. If the HMG ends up surviving, its barrage can very well end up swiftly annihilating the Drone user before another Drone swarm can be formed.


  • Compared to the Sprayer, the Heavy Machine Gun is more accurate and fires more powerful bullets faster, but overall fires less bullets and less projectile types. The Sprayer's secondary projectile is also far more accurate than the HMG.
  • Compared to the Submachine Gun, the Heavy Machine Gun's Tier 2 predecessor, the HMG is a straight upgrade, having better accuracy, fire rate, bullets, and not having to worry about recoil.


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